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AI for Non-Estrogen Converting Cycle?


OK so lets say you're on a cycle of something that doesn't convert to estrogen. Would an aromatase inhibitor be of any value to you during that cycle?


Of course not.

If youre on a cycle of something like masteron or tren only your T will be shut down. No T = nothing to covert to estrogen. Your estrogen levels will fall well below normal at some point.

Keeping estrogen in the low-normal range is the wise approach.

Use a replacment dose of T or hCG or dbol in 99% of cycles.


Bonez, (or anyone else, really) what is a good dose of dbol if you're only using dbol for estrogen replacement purposes? (ie, you want just enough estrogen for low-normal range)

5mg twice per day?

(obviously, it'll be different for everyone... but just looking for a reasonable starting dose.)


Ive used 20mg/d 5x per week (pre workout) and was fine.

I think 10-15mg would work


Is it true that you get a rush 20 mins after you take Dbol?


A rush?






My cousin took dbol, and he said he'd take it before the gym as a preworkout, and he'd get this "crazy rush" during his drive to the gym. I never took dbol so I couldnt say. I tried to look it up online and nothing said dbol did so. Placebo or wishful thinking I guess.


Sounds like he took speed/pseudo/fake dbol :slight_smile:


i wouldn't really call it a rush, but dbol does make me feel like a god


how toxic do you think dbol is compared to halovar? superdrol? havoc?

people talk about these as if they are all about the same in toxicity... except superdrol which seems to be much more toxic ... based on what I have read.


Dbol toxicity is way overstated. If you don't drink alchohol or use NSAIDs chronically, and don't do anything else to damage your liver, 6 weeks of dbol is nothing.


what rational gaze said.


RationalGaze, what is your opinion about dbol toxicity in comparison to the toxicity of the designer steroids like havoc, superdrol, phera and such.

Now I know that pro-steroids like the ones I just named are considered "whack" here on tnation. I know this. Nevertheless, I wanna know why they are such poor choices. Why would somebody opt for Dbol when they could use something like Pheraplex or MaxLmg. I'm not pushing for pheraplex or maxlmg... I just wanna know why. I read a post by Bonez saying that on a DBol cycle, you could gain 20lbs of weight but only about 5 of that will be muscle and the rest you piss out later. Im pretty sure you can put on crazy amounts of muscle like that on pheraplex and keep more than 5lbs of it... preeeeeettty sure. I'm not saying I personally have used pheraplex and gotten those results, I havent, but... I know somebody very close to me that has. I am not saying I've never used prohormones before either; I have, but not phera.... I used a much dryer one and kept most of my gains as well. Is it that DBol is so uniquely synergistic with test that makes it so special? Is it really that unique?

Could it also be that dbol is just so much less hepatotoxic than the new compounds.... which could explain why few people who actually inject use it inconjunction with test or whatever else.... but this to me does not explain why SOOOO FEW people who do shoot steroids do use it in an elaborate cycle. You would think that at least SOME people would take a stab at creating a cycle with test, havoc, deca, blah blah blah despite prohormone's said toxicity... but you never see it... its always test, deca, eq, tren, mast, sust.. etc. Why?

I already know I'm gonna get the "tried and true" argument from some of you.... which is fine... I can appreciate that for what it is...but when it comes down to it, you know that answer is jsut a deflection. Id like to hear rationalized answers whether it be fact or educated guess. Lets hear it.


is it its androgenic value? I know these new prohormones have very low androgenic values.


Look, first off, read the PH sticky. Secondly

The reason why you should use dbol vs. almost any PH or designer steroid is because of this: Dianabol was developed by scientists, ran through a battery of clinical tests and case studies, phase 3 yadda yadda yadda. These 'new' PH's and designer steroids are old steroids tweaked a little bit and put on the market. There have been no studies, double blind anything to verify there effects, side effects, toxicity or efficacy. That is why...


I have no idea how the toxicity of dbol compares to those compounds, sorry. I like dbol because it is dirt cheap and it gives you a nice boost in strength and appetite. I think you could certainly use something like superdrol instead of dbol if you wanted, I just can't say from personal experience what the benefits would be.