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AI for a Dbol and Test E Cycle



Need an opinion on dosage for my ai. Ill be using aromisin but not sure on the dasage that will best suit my cycle....I'm lean and I have no problem with gyno so that or bloat will not be too much of a problem however just to be safe I want to run an ai eod. I also need to make sure I'm running it up ujntil the right time until my pct..I've read to run it right up to your first week of pct and run it throught your pct..what's the true answer?

One other thing I would like to get out of this post is my dosage for toremiphene for my pct...I'm not as familiar with this as a pct but have heard great things about it and am going to give it a shot...what dosage seems to work the best?

Cycle looks like this:
Week 1-4(dbol 20 mg ed)
Week 1-10(500mg test e-injection
every 4 days)
Week 12-15(toremiphene)
Week 1-12(aromisin)

So I would like input on pct and ai dosage as well as how long to run my ai.

Thanks a lot guys.


Is your Aromasin Tabs, Caps, or Liquid? Running it ED at a lower dose is going to be better than EOD. I've never understood how some people (others) make such a big deal about stable AAS levels but throw that philosophy away when it comes to AI's and ancillaries. A absolute total complete guess would be something like 6.25-12.5mg/day leaning more towards the later.

Also why run the Test every 4 days? Does it fit your work schedule or life better? If not just shoot twice a week as most of us follow a weekly schedule in life - you can get technical and shoot monday 6am and thursday 6pm so it's exactly 3.5 days between shots but I wouldn't worry about exact timing.


I will hopefully be getting caps. For the test dosage twice a week I figured based on the half life and other suggestions I would inject every 4th day or somewhere around there. And ya a lot of people aren't very smart about their ai's and ancillaries if that's what your talking ab out I'm with ya on that one.


Here's what I do with caps quite often:
I get those weekly pill holders, where they have a compartment for each day of the week, and I open the caps and disperse the powder into the different days equally. I'm using 12.5mg caps and dividing into 2 days each cap myself. I have pills in the compartment too and just open whatever day it is and dump everything in my mouth and swallow the same.
Good luck!