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AI Dosing for AGEL 7.5G

Whats up gang? I am going to start doing 7.5mg Androgel daily. My doctor percribed me 1mg arimidex daily or however i wanted to take it. I am sure thats going to possibly send my E2 to the trenches though… What do you guys think about 1g a week… .5 EOD? My E2 is 42 (2-50) Any other opinions? Start low and work high? or just aim middle? Thanks everyone

Try it - see how you feel - adjust accordingly.

1mg/day is just stupid. I suspect that .5mg EOD would even be a bit much but it all depends on how your body converts the Agel. I happen to convert my T to E very easily, so I am taking .4mg EOD. But I agree with Dynamo Hum, get to know the symptoms of both low E2 and high E2, see how you respond, and adjust from there.