AI Dosage

I am starting a TRT protocol with a TRT clinic:

200 T Cyp split between 2 pins per week
HCG 500 IU 2x per week
Anastrozole .5 MG 2 x per week (CAPSULES)
Pregnenolone-DHEA Cream .25 grams per day

I have an issue of converting T to E.

Based on reading the forums here and in other locations, I am wondering if it would better to do .25 MG AI EOD rather than .5 MG 2X Per Week? If yes, can I simply take the capsules apart and divide the powder in half and take that dose with water?

On my previous protocol (under my Uro) I was dosing Test E at 200 MG per 2 weeks and hit bottom after about 18 months - no libido, lethargic, depressed, sense of worhlessness. To make a long story short, I attempted to address the issue via my PCP (Uro and Endo) with no luck. However, by significantly increasing DIM to control my E2 and changing my Test pins, I successfully addressed the worst of the mood issues, but still have relatively high E and E2. Following are my Test E pins and labs from earlier this year:

Jan 2 PCP Labs (4 days after 100 mg test E pin): E = 202.5 pg/ML (No Range); E2 = 42.4 pg/ML (Range < 52); T = 8.76 ng/ML (no range); Free T % = 2.54% (Range 1.1 to 2.8)

Jan 15 ‘Personal Lab’ Labs (3 days after 100 mg test E pin): E = 136 pg/ML (Range 40 - 115); E2 = 46.6 pg/ML (Range 7.7 - 42.6); T = 705 ng/DL (348 - 1197); Free T % = 2.45% (Range 1.4 to 4.2)

Feb 16 PCP Labs (7 days after 200 mg test E pin): E = 174.7 pg/ML (No Range); E2 = 44.5 pg/ML (Range < 52); T = 7.9 ng/ML (no range); Free T % = 2.4% (Range 1.1 to 2.8)

I am thinking that .5 mg 2 x per week is too infrequent and again am asking whether I should switch to .25 mg EOD and if I can do that by opening my capsules and divide the .5 MG in half and take with water?

Thanks so much in advance for your help. I have learned so much while lurking. :slight_smile:

You are taking 400mg T per week? That would be insane.

If you inject twice per week, T levels will spike and anastrozole twice a week will roughly match T levels and that is a good thing.

If you inject EOD, T levels are very steady and anastrozole EOD is the better option then.

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I knew I screwed it up - typing late at night. I edited my post - it’s 200 mg split into 100 twice per week. Sorry and thanks. I will read more.

Based on my readings , I agree AI EOD would be best . My main question on that:

Is it feasible \ should I open the capsule and split the powder in half and mix in water to drink?

Thanks again!

You can do that or dissolve in vodka and dispense by the drop. Or google ‘research chemical anastrozole’