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AI Dosage Question

Hey guys,

My doc put me on a “prophylactic” dose of arimidex because I aromatize more than most, which has led to gyno. My e2 is in the 50’s on my trough day, and he recommended that I take .25 once a week on Wednesday’s.

I am currently injecting 30 units of Test Cyp E3D. (Total T: 1100/Free 150)

Since the idea behind TRT is to maintain a somewhat even blood concentration, do you think once a week arimidex is the best protocol? I am all for starting off slow with a low dosage (.25), but given that the half life is 50 hours, maybe the best plan of action would be to take it every other injection?

I have a follow up with the doc in a week to ask him questions, but just figured I would see what Tnation had to say about it.

Thanks in advance.

My E2 is in the 60’s, no issues. Nolvadex is to go to for gyno, if it flares up. Arimidex is not a great choice for a number of reasons. Don’t take it unless you need it, prophylactic use is asking for problems.

Mine is in the 70’s. 50 isn’t an issue.

If you are prone to gyno (true gyno) then you may want to consider increasing your T injection frequency in lieu of the AI route.

What do you mean by 30 units?

IU’s. 3cc, 30ml

Doesn’t 3cc = 3ml? Do you mean .3cc every 3 days? If your test is 200mg / ml. That would be 60mg E3D or 20mg per day and 140mg per week.

Yes, sorry. Its .3 every three days. I originally started off with .4 E3D for 10 weeks and started to get gyno symptoms around week 8, so we reduced it to .3 for the next 10 weeks. My E2 went from 65 down to 54, however gyno continued to progress.

I know that there are generally two camps when it comes to AI’s, those who approve and those who do not. As with all medications, Novladex included, there are potential unwanted sides. I guess i’ll have to wait and see what the MD has to say about it this week.

I was on .4ml E3D originally and felt great for the first 6-8 weeks. But then the sides started to appear (gyno, water retention, crazy mood swings, trouble sleeping). Total was 1500, and E2 was 64. Then we lowered the dose to .3 E3D before even beginning to consider an AI, water retention backed off, mood stabilized, however gyno continued to progress which sucks.

When he mentioned a prophylactic dose of .25 Arimidex once a week, I figured that would be a relatively low risk way to keep things in check. I took the first dose yesterday, I will admit I felt a bit fatigued, but nothing else to report.

As @bmbrady77 mentioned you might want to try increasing your injection frequency. Maybe .2 EOD. Gives you the same total dose per week but breaks it up into smaller doses.

I would try at the very least, eod injections. You may need to split the dose, and inject every day.

From what I’ve read and seen recently, gyno is not caused by high E2, as long as one’s Free T levels are high enough.

Some people, myself included, are simply sensitive to hormone fluctuations. Injecting more frequently with lower amounts per injection, keeps levels more steady. In other words, The hormone fluctuations are less, the more frequently we inject, assuming the overall weekly total is the same.

If I were you I’d drop the AI, and try eod injections.