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AI Dosage Question


Okay, so I have started 1 mg of anastrozole per week, taken EOD. They are very small pills, so it is fairly difficult to quarter them. I have now taken them for three weeks. My Estradiol levels have dropped from 47 to 37, with the normal range being 10-44. I do feel better now, but still not great.

My question is, will my levels continue to drop, or do I need to adjust the dose? If I need to adjust dosage, what should I go to? Note that I am self medicating, as three different doctors have turned me down for an AI and HCG, even though I am prescribed 1 mg Test Cyp per week for TRT. Thanks for any help guys!


I would continue at the same dose. A drop of 10 points in only 3 weeks means your body is clearing E2 normally. Anastrozole won't make it clear any faster but will prevent excessive aromatization. I'm assuming you mean 100mg cyp/week.

I've decided most Dr.s are still d*icks and have yet to let go of the paternalistic mentality. If you're going to your family Dr. or walk-in clinic those drugs are out their clinical expertise and you should look to a specialist or, I hate to say it, alternative medicine. There is a finding a Dr. sticky posted that might be helpful.


Yep, sorry, 100 mg of Test Cyp per week. I've seen two urologists and my family doctor. Next up is an Endo, but I am calling ahead of time to make sure I don't waste my time. If they don't answer my questions sufficiently during that call, I'm not going to drive 3+ hours to see them. Thanks for the advice on the AI.


I'm just following along would like to see where you go with the AI dosing as I'm on the same dose/frequency and feel like mine is still >22; ED symptoms


Use the finding a doctor sticky for a doc that will prescribe HCG. Most doctors open to that will most likely be more open to idea of an AI as well.


Good question. I was wondering about the same thing. I was put on Adex after my labs showed my E2 over 50. So I was wondering if the Adex will clear the already aromatized E2 and prevent further aromatization or will it just stop the aromatization from this point forward ? If the later is true, then would Femara clear the existing E2 if taken in very small doses for a short period of time?

Current protocall:
100 mg test cyp. Per week in divided doses.
.25 Arimidex EOD


The effect of anastrozole on T--E2 is basically instantaneous. E2 clearance take time, but by 3 weeks a lot should have happened.

There is a question of liver function, AST/AST and drugs [Rx and OTC] that might interfere with estrogen processing. High BMI can be an issue too.

TT, FT and E2 will all be very spiky with weekly injections, injecting T twice per week [divided doses] is important, or perhaps EOD.

If we accept the current numbers without question, we would calculate a new anastrozole dose to read E2=22 of 1mg/week * 37/22 = 17 mg/week, which can be 71/4ths of a mg. You can do that at 1/4th per day but 1/2 EOD would be easier. You will feel better. But I am very suspect that the info presented is incomplete.

Dr=[Rock Creek Wellness Center] $$
tell him that I sent you if you go in


Thanks KSman. I've considered Dr. Mark after seeing you recommend him in another thread. Also, what info do you feel is incomplete. I can try to add if necessary.