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AI dosage? (Anastrozole)

Ok folks, doc prescribed 1mg anastrozole. i currently take 100mg once per week of testosterone cyp.

latest labs from last week stated that my estradiol levels were at 52.9 pg/ml and T-levels were at 950 ng/dL.

Free testosterone: 190 pg/ml
Free testosterone %: 2.0
SHBG: 30.4 nmol/L

(If you’d like any more lab info let me know)

In your opinion, how would you dose this AI?

Splitting your testosteron into twice a week 50 mg and devidng your anastrozole. And taking 1/2 mg with each shot might do it. Or you might need 1 1/2 a week of anastrozole. it just seems like a lot but if that is what it takes.

Agree with verne.

We still need lab ranges, especially with FT.

I do not like that your case is spread across many threads and if someone wants to look at the big picture, it does not exist.

Sorry KSman, I didn’t know if I needed to post something in different thread categories. I’ll keep it to this one. Any labs in particular you were looking for? By FT you mean free testosterone?

My labs don’t have any ranges on the testosterone field. I’m 30 years old if that helps?

FT lab ranges vary wildly from one lab to another. Need lab ranges to understand the lab result.

If I want to respond to an issue that you post, there is no one place to go to look at the context of other issue and things that we have discussed before.

So the doctor uses labcorp. I’m looking for ranges.

@jacklg250 look at my thread. I used LabCorp too and should be the same ranges. I just don’t have Free T.

You need FT absolute, not percent.

2% of very low TT is really low.

You need T, anastrozole and hCG
Read the protocol for injections sticky?

Serum total was 951 ng/dl

Free test just shows 2.0 in a % and shows it in the normal range.

Then it says “free testosterone, S” at 190 pg/ml.

Ks are you saying that something is low that you are seeing here ? I am on anastrozole as of last week.