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AI Confusion!

Every thread I have read is telling me to use Adex while on cycle. Yet I cant find that stuff but I can find stuff like (Stane), (Letro) and (Liquidex) but no Adex… Can someone please let me know if any of the above options will work for a low does on cycle. And if so what would be the recommended dosage of each. Any help would be great thanks.

Letro will work fine.

Okay sorry for the stupid questions! I did some reading and figured out Letro is way to powerfull and I will be using Adex. The issue I was having was I did not understand the “Generic” Names for AI and SERM Medication. Plus the dosage problem was an issue because I trying to use liquid research Chems. Which was problem number two; and I sorted that out also! So for any newbies out there I listed bellow a quick reference guide.

Adex as referred to on the forums or Arimidex is also listed under the name Anastrozole

Nolva as referred to on the forums or Nolvadex is also listed under the name Tamoxifen