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AI Confusion: When to Take?

Hi everyone,

I’m confused and have read contradicting posts that talk about when to actually use an AI in cycle. I know that there technically is no predetermined dose, as it’s all about your own body. For example, the only cycle I’ve done consisted of 500 mg of Test E / week, and I had 12.5 mg of aromasin e3.5d.

I want to try and master a simple cycle so that I can get the most out of it. I’ve heard that people start their AI later in a test e only cycle, because test e takes time to kick in. I’ve heard of a sample cycle like this:

W 1-10: Test E 500 mg / week (250 e3.5d)
W 3-10: AI (12.5mg, or adjust as needed)

Is this true? Or should I take my AI as soon as I inject? I do not want to crash my e2, for obvious reasons, so I just want to clarify this. Thanks.

If you ran the prior cycle with an AI and had no issues I don’t see why you would change things. AIs are an individual need based on your own body’s response. They have negative side effects on your lipids and if you actually lower your E2 too much you can get anxiety, sweats, joint problems, and ED.

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With a 500 test e only there’s a decent chance that you won’t need any AI at all. Did you take it last time because of symptoms or because you thought that’s what you were supposed to do? Some guys don’t need one on a cycle like that. I on the other hand need some sort of estrogen management on as little as 200mg. I’d simply treat the symptoms. Another option is to just run nolva 10mg daily durning cycle and thet should safeguard you against any gyno.


I was in the middle of a reply when @jackolee posted his response…he’s hit the nail on the head in my opinion.

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I only used it because it’s what I thought I was supposed to do, as a friend told me I should take it right after a pin.

I am afraid of gyno, as any guy is, as I feel like I may be vulnerable to it. I stopped working out for a year for personal reasons, then continued to workout the next year and possibly have experienced gyno symptoms, as I had itchy and puffy nipples out of no where ( I was not taking any AAS at the time)

Another thing that confuses me is nolva as an AI. I thought it was only meant to use for PCT, but can you also use it to combat sides like gyno? I’ve never understood how nolva can be used as both.

Anastrozole is an AI. It prevents aromatize activity where test aromatizes to estrogen. It stops the process, but can very easily crash your e2. Nolva is a serm. It prevents the estrogen from bonding to the receptor tissue thus preventing the gyno. People argue about this all the time. The best approach is to treat symptoms. I’ve found that for me personally I can keep my estrogen around 25 by taking 0.5 mg anastrozole 12 hrs after each shot. I keep nolva in hand in case I have any other issues. I’m very lean so don’t tend to hold water, but have had little lumps behind my nipples before even when test dose was at 200mg.

Like I said earlier you should treat your symptoms not try to prevent them. Less drugs is better. A little itching on the nips might just be in your head. Your brain plays tricks on you when your focused on it. I’d say give it a few weeks without an ai and then get labs done to see where you are. If e2 is a little high and you don’t have symptoms then your ok as long as test is high too. Test to estrogen ratio is more important than numbers alone.

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