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AI (Arimidex-Aromasine) Problems

Hi at all
TRT in the past 3 years I started with the standard protocol and I realized that I was over responder to arimidex and to Aromasin.
only 0.15 mg of arimidex to maintain E2 at 25-30 pg.(37mg androtardyl - 0.15 arimidex E2D)
AI gives me ED,exema,joint problems despite a good rate(25-30)
when I was young BB arimidex does not exist;i used Proviron.

Proviron is hard to find for me and i replace it by Masteron (37g T -15mg Masteron E2D)
i also took Calcium D Glutarate each morning
I have no more pain or exema and ED disappears progressively.My libido is better.
Do you think this is a good solution?
there no other alternatives?
excuse my Google English
thank you to help Eric