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AI and Impact on Weight Gain...

An AI, from my research, helps to prevent the typical bloating associated with a cycle. In your experience/best guess how much weight gain does this prevent from occurring? (XX% of what would have been expected?)

In addition, does an AI, similar to a SERM, impact the strength gains one would expect to get?

This question is not possible to answer. Each individual will experience a unique physiological response to a combination of drugs.

I had a feeling that was the answer. How about this…

Should one expect to gain less weight / strength while using an AI than they would have with no AI?

in mammory tissue definitely…

To save my fingers, this may help…

Will taking AI’s effect my gains ?
By Merc.

When you talk about testosterone you also usually hear words like estrogen and aromatase …

Most people that use AAS understand that testosterone converts to estrogen (via aromatase enzyme) and this causes problems like bloating, gyno, and other side effects. People have been posting on message boards, lately, inquiring as to how AI’s and estrogen relate to muscle gains.

Estrogen is important to the muscle-building process. Estrogen has been linked to increases in GH and IGF-1. Therefore, in essence, some of testosterone’s effects are dependent, to a degree, on the aromatization process…

For instance, cattle are given estradiol in order to “beef” them up. And when cattle ranchers choose a single drug treatment, they always pick estrogen. ( Anthony Roberts recently did a radio interview about it) .This is because estrogen’s role is important. Think about it, how many people report that when using AI’s their gains are diminished? AI’s reduce estrogen levels which, in turn, reduce GH and IGF-1 levels.

I have a buddy that has done 2 cycles. The first he used Testosterone enanthate at 500 mg per week with Arimidex at 0.5 EOD. His second cycle consisted of 600 mg of testosterone cypionate per week with 40 mg of Dbol per day (with .5mg Arimidex per day). He ate well and trained intensely yet he wasn’t making the gains he expected to make considering the drugs he was using. This friend made an appointment with his doctor and the doctor ordered a total testosterone and total estrogen blood test. It turned out, his estrogen was extremely low… He then finished his cycle and did a proper pct and took time off to recover …

Than he did another cycle using Dianabol, testosterone enanthate at 600 mg per week, and no AI. This time his body responded incredibly. People that didnt see him for a few months didnt even recognize him. He went beck to the doctor and asked for blood work while he was on cycle (7 weeks into the latest cycle). This time around, his estrogen was high (around 300 ng/ml with 120 ng/ml or less being considered norma. Likewise, his strength was through the roof and he reported a great sense of well being and energy associated with what he was doing. There were no real side-effects that were where experienced. He also never looked real bloated.

Let’s not forget, gynecomastia (***** tits) thrive on high estrogen levels so you never to let that hormone climb too high. Remember, minimize the breast’s exposure to estrogen; but don’t get rid of it completely.


Thanks for posting the article. I had a feeling (literally) that was the case.

Was it a gassy feeling?


[quote]W.H.B. wrote:
Was it a gassy feeling?[/quote]

No, it was more of a depressed, I’m not getting what I was expecting feeling…

Like so many things in life the precise formula one needs is as little as possible and as much as necessary.
On 750mg EW Test E, 300mg EW Tren E and 50mg ED dbol I’m using 0mg EW of anastrozole. I have a bottle and if needed than absolutely I will use it. I also have cabergoline for any tren gyno, as well as b6. As long as I don’t grow boobs I can handle and love the bloating.