AI and HPTA Feedback

I’m sure there is simple answer to this that I constantly overlook with everything I read on here but please help clarify. My condensed understanding in terms of HPTA regulation (non-TRT):

  • body produces T which some aromatizes to E2
  • via negative feedback loop, hypothalamus sees increased E2 and says the body has enough T so down regulates the production of GnRH that eventually leads to less T production down the axis, then will increase production again once E2 level go back down

So when on TRT and taking an AI that keeps E2 as low as when not on TRT, how does the hypothalamus know T is at a higher level if E2 levels remain the same? I know hormones are complex and there are many others at play in the process, but what am I missing? My E2 levels are almost identical pre-TRT and now, so shouldnt my body still produce near pre-TRT T amounts rather than shutting down totally and letting the ol’ baby makers wither away?

Exogenous t shuts down axis regardless of e2. That’s why LH and FSH go to 0 on T. I believe hpta detection of E2 OR exogenous T will shut it down. With high e2 only of course not a total shut down just limits LH to produce less T.