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AI Allergy/Reaction. Alternatives?

Hi at all

Is there an effective alternative to Arimidex,Aromasine or Letrozole because i have a big problem with them.
Every use and regardless of the dose I receive carpal tunnel syndromes This is very painful . I was operated 1 year ago.

Is that the product is the offender outside the rate of E2?
i am over responder to AI’S and i use only 1mg of Aromasine E3D lately
I no longer have strength in my hands, especially in the morning
excuse my google english!!!
thank you to help me

Do you have E2 lab results from when not using an AI and when on AI’s?

DIM might be useful, often not enough in a TRT context.

Do you take a supplement that contains zinc?

Do you ever get symptoms from high E2?

HI KS man
With 25 mg /day SQ of Androtardyl my E2 are at 56pg/ml(25.8-60.7) and my total test at 6.64mg/ml(1.93-7.4)
25 mg/day is the best place for me for energy;mood but no morning wood
I am not taking any Zinc
i feel good;not realy high E2 symptoms like water retention or brain fog…
thank you for read me

That would be 0.1ml 250mg/ml T enanthate?

Zinc can help reduce T–>E2 if dietary zinc has be too little.

Try these things and stop AI.

This can help as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3,3’-Diindolylmethane

DIM works for me, but I only take 50mg of test a week. However, It does work fairly well. Labs and morning wood prove it. Brought e2 from 33’s to 16 with just DIM/Zinc.

i used 175mg/week of Androtardyl since 6 month and i feel good
i try with 12mg/day before but it was not enough;too much tired…
i am going to buy some ZMA and cooper
In France i can find some PROVIRON;do you think it can help me?
thank you

Proviron acts like DHT in the body. It might improve sexual function and libido. But TRT often provides enough DHT. Might increase hair loss if you have that problem.

If you are tired all of the time, that suggests that there may be thyroid issues or low cortisol or adrenal fatigue.

You have around 10 threads now and it is quite impossible to know what you have posted for labs and what recommendations have been made. I try to get guys to stick to one single thread for a good reason. We need your case in one thread.

thank you KSman
my TSH is 1.08;tested 2 weeks ago.
i drink 2-3 drops iodized alcohol each morning
my carpal tunel syndrome is arthrosis doctor says
I have to rest my hands and take a treatment
It was difficult to find an old thread!!!
thank you

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2- In upper right hand corner of window, click on your icon, “R” in a blue circle, and then click Summary then in next window click “Topics”

hello everybody
I had to be operated
a knee 2 months ago;Total prosthesis

My doctor said to stop the T before the operation And since I have not injected anything of T
My T:2.03ng(1.93-7.4) my E2:21pg(25.8-60.7)
one month ago i start HCG at 250UI/day and after 1 month T:2.72(1.93-7.4) E2:23pg(25.8-60.7)
i feel good and a good morning wood but
Little force at the gym!!!
what do you think about this?
thank you

No advices???