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AI Adjustment Question

My E2 came back as 31. Optimal is 22. I’ve been taking .25mg of liquidex eod and have need somebody to check my math here:

Divide 31 by 22 and get 1.4. Multiply .25 by 1.4 and get .35mg eod adjusted dose.

Is that how you figure it?

Sorry for the very brief post but I’m doing this on my phone! Thanks!

Your math is correct assuming a linear response. 31 is really not that out of line, and I suspect labs can have a good deal of variability. Try the increased dosage and see how you feel in a week or 2. If you felt better at the .25 mg dosage, go back to that. Retest in a couple of months.

The linear assumption is theoretically grounded and works very well.