Ahoy! Theres the Soy!

So how anal shall we get about soy? I mean it now is getting into
everything; beef jerky, tuna, Miricle whip, MRP’s food bars… Is soy oil
counted as bad as the soy isolates? I’m tryin’ to keep my T! What’s the
way to approach this soy in ‘everything’ situation? Any ideas especially
with respect to soybean oil. Thanks

Dont worry. I know Cy’s article really condemns the stuff but not everyone is in agreement about the hazards of soy. As far as my opinion, I think Cy makes some good points but dissenting opinions seem pretty logical too. So the jury is still out. For the meantime dont get anal at all. Just dont go out of your way to eat soy protein

yeah i hated readin that. i ran into a ‘deal’ at gnc last week. ironman pr bars, 1 buck a box cause they go outa date in february. bought 10 boxes. each have like 15g soy in em. sooo, dont know what to do really.