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Ahletes with Primary Addison's Disease?


Firstly; hello I'm Anne of Fitanna1 :slight_smile: Although I have been ill for a very long time, I was recently diagnosed with Primary Addison's disease on April the 21st, after being rushed to hospital in an ambulance having what was described to me now as an Addison's crisis that put me in hospital for over 15+ days and nearly took my life this time around. I got lucky and Endo Dr spotted something with my blood and ordered tests to get a diagnosis. I am now on treatment (high doses of hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone)and only just walking about with a walking stick 6 weeks later. The medication I will be on for life and have to take extra to be able to train and to recover or if I get sick or stressed seeing my body does not produce this on its own.

Gracious knows how that's going to work or how much I will need? It's a hell of an illness that turns on a dime and is entirely unique to the individual and is life threatening. I would love to hear from any other athletes on here. The road to recovery let alone getting in the gym and being bale to lift and train seems absolutely epic. The damage this illness does to many aspects of your body from being chronically ill from your body producing little or zero cortisol is complex and even I am still learning. Hope there is one or two of you out there. I'm miserable at the moment and bouncing a few ideas and options around with other's would be agreat start. It's a pretty rare illness. Cheers!