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Maybe not the best or longest forum topic, but seriously. Who did not go to T-Nation and NEED to know what todays article was all about.

Best Title/Picture I've seen I think.


Get to the choppa'!!!


I didn't. An author I dont know + "6 physical qualities necessary to become that ass-kicking warrior of your boyhood dreams" = I may come back and read it later if I have time, but it's not a must-read for me


I liked it. It wasn't precisely T-Nation material, but it made me want to go for more long walks.


Who wanna be a SUPERSOLDIER


Everybody wanna be a SUPERSOLDIER but ain't nobody wanna fight no SUPERWARS!


^mfw "most of us want to look like one, lean, well muscled but not bulky"


Did not read the article but here is how you become a supersoldier:

Learn to take reeeeeeaaallly long walks while hauling heavy gear and try not to become an alcoholic in the downtime.

As a yardstick, the ghurkas can march a double marathon in less than 10 hours and are ready to fight when they are finished.