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Ahhhnold for Govenor?!

Wouldn’t it be something else if Arnold does run and get elected govenor of California? The man who raised the sport of bodybuilding from obscurity to more general popularity to be that states govenor is an incredible story!..and Hes Republican to boot!!!Bet that pisses off all you liberals out there!..talk about living the American dream…no government handouts…just blood and sweat in the gym that carried over to all parts of his life successes!


 I love Arnold, and it's great he cares so much about his country and his state of california.

 However, it bugs me a little that he is running for governor, even though he is republican to boot. These concerns are:

 *that it will inspire other celebrities without the education necessary to pursue similar feats in the political arena. Can you imagine Mr Sheen succeeding in a quest for governor? brrrr.

 *It makes it seem as though if you make it as a celebrity, that tthen you can make it as a political figure such as governor. Nothing is farthest from the truth and acting makes nothing of you but an expert in acting, nothing else. I guess Im just fed up with all the actor politician wannabes in this world.

 *And finally, and most importantly, I feel there are more qualified individuals (*MUCH more qualified*) to do the job. We all love ARnie here, but the truth is many will root for him because of his celebrity status and his 'terminator' image, or because he was the former Mr Universe. See, while he went on to accomplish those (extraordinary) feats, other more qualified candidates were studying, and embarking in political careers. I just think a long history and extensive experience in the political arena is very important. What experience as a politician does Arnie have? Anyone can go to college at age 40 or 50, get a degree in Politics, and use his fame to try out for politician. Most likely this person will be able to get important messages around as most can in his age, especially with a little politics education. But in the end it's experience that counts, and its this experience that allows you to do your best looking for the best interest of THE PEOPLE.

  Arnold may make an excellent governor. Im certainly not gonna vote in the elections, and wont hold anything against him whatsoever. I may be dead wrong. These are just that - concerns - that I have. With all the Dixie Chix scandals, and Martins Sheens and the likes doing everything they can to stop the war, Im afraid Arnold would provide them a tool to actually 'stop the engine of war'. He certainly would have the power.

  Enough ranting. I am aware these concrens may very likely be absurd, so dont go a-jumping and frolicking around because of what I said.


Come on, man. What about Reagan?

Pray for the people of California if Arnold ever becomes governor. Remember what he’s like behind the scenes? He’s got no respect for anybody. Remember how he treated Lou in Pumping Iron, how he told that kid to scream when posing which was what got him kicked off the stage, how he treats women, how when he was bodybuilding he held up all his letters to a light & only opened the ones with $$$ in them… That would be an awful situation in California if he became gov. & worse if he became Pres.

Hey, if Jesse “the body” Ventura can become the gov of Minnisota anythings possible.

Behind the scenes on Pumping Iron, Arnold was told to be a dickhead to Ferrigno. The directors wanted drama between individuals, so Arnold improvised and gave them all that shit.

Besides, since he is a celebrity, we hear a lot of negative shit about him anyways. You rarely hear the positive stuff.

I would never vote for him, but I don’t even live in Cali.

Diesel, you said celebrities shouldn’t run for office. A lot of the people in office do it for the fame or the power, so what’s the difference? Arnold already has the fame.

I don’t know his politics, but if he’s as conservative as Simon was, he’s not getting elected. It’s really rather bizare how CA has one of the more conservative republican state party orgs around while in a faily liberal state. The republicans royally fucked up last election by pushing Simon over Riordan when the so many liberals and moderates in the state desperately wanted an alternative to Davis. Another interesting thing about the election was that the state level party aparatus pushed Simon because he was pro-life and Davis’s campaign actually gave him money in the primary, while Riordan was only running on the request of the white house because they wanted someone electable.

It’d be appropriate to have a celebrity as a Governor of Cali.

Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you have to be born in this country to run for governor of a state? I know that’s the case for president but…

To Galvatron and Monsieur,

There is no stipulation in the Constitution that states an individual must be born in the U.S. to be a govenor, however Monsieur Arnold cannot become Pres. because the Pres. must be born in the United States. Unless anyone so that SNL skit a year or so back where Arnold states he will “find a big hiped woman in Montana and come out of her waving the American Flag” in order to become Pres.