Wattup all my fellow T-maggers. Listen I need some help… like seriously. I’ve almost lost all hope on trying to get in shop because of my shitty-ass genetics. First off, I’m a born endomorph (like a fat guy with tits who drives trucks) , although I don’t look like one now due to diet and a little bit of exercise, hardly any actually. The problem is I have poor muscle definition and a lot of body softness and flabiness… almost baby-like, I know I know it sounds revolting (ughhh). I have natural gynecomastia… which I had surgery done for, but now it has returned, slightly. Moving on, My ass is flabby and big. I store fat like a chick. Basically my whole midsection is disgusting. Wide hips, love handles, flabby ass, flabby chest - really flabby! Almost like two small breasts. mm what else … by the way u can imagine why i feel like a fuck!! Also, when I sit down the flab on my back stretches. I used to weigh about 245 pounds, which I lost 60 over a year and a half and am now down to 185. Do you think its all just really lose skin or ugly fat?? If anyone can throw any tips, diet rules, exercise tips, herbal supplements, or anything I’d appreciate it. Thanks

There are two significant things you mentioned in your post (and unfortunately the first thing is negative), and that is that you do hardly any exercising. That’s the first thing that has to change if you want to change your physique…and that exercise routine MUST MUST MUST contain weight training!!!

This website is a GOLD MINE of information. I suggest you do a search and look through the many great training articles written over the years. You are bound to find a program that fits your degree of fitness, lifestyle and schedule. There are also many people on this forum that will help you once you get the ball rolling.

The second key item you mentioned (which is VERY positive) is that you dropped 60 pounds already. That, to me, shows extreme discipline. You've already proved to yourself that you have the mental toughness to make a lifestyle change and see it through for an extended period of time. Way to go!

Lastly, you've proved what we've all said around here since the dawn of time (well, that's a little dramatic, but just to make a point bear with me on this...) and that point is this: you simply can't use diet alone and get in shape. Yes, you can lose weight, but without muscle your new, skinnier body has no SHAPE. This is why your skin hangs to some degree, because there simply is no muscle.

So, to summarize, you need to hit the weights...big time. It's the ONLY way you have a chance at changing your physique. Diet alone won't cut it. Like I said, do a search and look at some of the training routines outlined in this website (there are literally hundreds). We're here to help you, but you need to take the first step and do a little ground work.

Good luck!

Jesus Christ man, stop whining and start working out. There are a lot of beginner articles in the previous issues section of T-Mag. IMO, endomorphs can end up with some of the best physiques. You also sound depressed. You ought to look into some medical evaluation for that. Now, get with it!

There is a guy at our gym who has the best quads I’ve ever seen and he has been training for 5 years - he said he was a big fat 300lb lazy bastard and now he compete’s. I agree with avoids that endomorphs can sometimes have the greatest potential for muscle gain. Best of luck in your transformation.

agreed with the previous statements about endomorphs. i am an endo-mesomorph (leaning more towards the endomorph side), and although i get a bit chubby during bulking phases, i gain muscle really easily. in fact, i am cutting now, and still gaining muscle and strength.

Bro maybe the whole man thing isn’t working for you and its time for a change? you already have breasteseses, so the battle is half way over, take the surgery and move on with your life. Or you can stop whining, eat right, excercise right, and someday maybe you’ll be aight.

thanks for all the great comments guys… I luv u all … keep tha faith

you were fat , be happy you got good genetics im guessin ,your stronge and mucle mass isnt very hard to gain , only problem is cutting, stop wining. you could be on the other side were u have a lean body , but you’re small . i get that all the time from my friends who are small saying that im lucky cuz im fat but i have gotten big jumps in my max since beging working out , i used say all the time i wish i could be smaller so i can just build from there

Here’s an exercise tip: Try it.

Look in the mirror and repeat, I am a lazy fuck with no disciplines who does not want to exercise, eat right, weight train, do cardio, take a supp regimen contingent upon my needs. Now look again and say this is the day I will start eating right including keeping a log, I will set up the correct amnt. of cal. essential fats carbs(low) and much protein. I will weight train 3-4 times a wk. get proper rest, do cardio, and monitor all of it. I will take the correct supps to enhance my progress(Md6,T2 Pro & Methoxy 7 would be a good start) and I will keep telling myself it will take time and patience . Is this what it takes? Hell yes, but the rewards are amazing and the confidence it will eventually get out of it will replace your pathetic whining and attitude that it will just happen. Be a T-man instead od a P(pussy) man.