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Ahh, The Poor Seated Calf Machine.

Such an under-appreciated piece of equipment at my gym. It sits there forlornly hoping to trip someone as they walk through the doorway. Once in awhile a “hardcore” two-hour-workout lifter will throw a 35 lb. plate on it and bounce out a set of ten.

It sits right next to the Smith machine but doesn’t get a bit of second-hand action. One regular will strap on his knee braces, wrist braces, elbow braces, and cinch up his lifting belt to do his ENTIRE workout on the Smith, but still doesn’t notice the seated calf machine.

So I want to hear it. What’s the most under-used piece of equipment in YOUR gym?

The dusty, rusty Smith machine. No one uses it. Ever.

Unfortunately, it’s the reverse hyper. I think I may be the only person who ever uses it.

The pull up bar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone using it.

Least used would probably be any set of dumbells over 100lbs. In fact the only people I see using them for anything other than 1/10th shrugs are my father, a HS buddy of mine, and me…

My gym is in my basement. I wasted 330 bucks on a nice exercise bike. I use it about 5 minutes a month. Man, I’d like to have that 330 back for something else.

I’ll trade ya my bike for your seated calf.

The squat rack actually. I think only a handful might actually use it.

we have a power rack, a squat rack, a dl platform, and a nice new set of bumper plates along with a raised platform in the back of our leg room…all of them, barely even touched:(

[quote]GaMeOvEr305 wrote:
The squat rack actually. I think only a handful might actually use it.


We never have that problem. Just the other day I saw a guy curling in there. All of 20kgs too.

To give him his fair due, as a newbie he obviously doesn’t know. If anyone wanted to use the rack they’d only have to ask.

I was tempted to say “Dude, i don’t think you need 500kgs of cage to support 20kgs of weight + you look like a dick”

I love the seated calf raise machine, but there’s a lot of bouncers out there.

I would have to say the bench press station. No, no wait, that is the MOST used piece of equipment.

I would have to say the deadlift platform. I am one of maybe 3 people that use it for deads.

Everyone sure likes all the nice curls-racks we have;)