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Ahh! Smacked Down By Flu/GI Bug

I lost 14lbs in the past 36hrs! It started Monday night, went to bed at 9PM…couldn’t sleep.

Then it hit me around midnight: praying to the porcelin gods…and continued with GI explusion of anything leftover.

I couldn’t imagine eating anything (and I was out of Grow!). So, I sipped water all night.

For every 4 sips, I’d hit the toilet again in about 1/2 hour.

My poor wife was going through the same thing - synched within the hour (all symptoms).

By morning, I knew I needed to replenish…this was the 1st time in months I would miss out on my 6meals/day.

Since I was out of Low-Carb Grow!, I grabbed the backup: Surge. I figured I could use the carbs.

So I mixed up 16oz of water, and a scoop…I drank that over 1/2 hour…going slowly for fear of payback.

It stayed with me. I went for another scoop and another 16oz of water…that stayed with me. That was all I had to eat since 9pm…and it was NOON!

I decided that since the volcano had stopped, I’d go for some solid food. I was still afraid of meat/eggs…so I grabbed a green apple and some natural peanutbutter.

It appeared I was recovering…so I grabbed some almonds (unsalted) before taking a nap…I made some beef and brown rice soup for dinner…and had some more after dinner.

I feel better today, but then again I feel hungover - with the shakes and little chilly and kinda light-headed.

I did eat my normal eggs and oatmeal this am, and my Grow! this morning.

Is 13lbs all water weight? or did I lose that much muscle?

I was 222lbs the other day and this AM I was 209.5. All of this is just post bulking cycle and I just finished a MAG-10 cycle.

Any thoughts?

Thats a hellacious cuuting regiment…no seriously, it most likely water weight. When you are sick your body is paasing large amounts of water (runs) to cleanse itself.

Oh, and I am freaking freezing this morning…usually hot as hell.

I don’t like being sick =(

Additionally, it was suggested that this could be food poisoning, but I disgarded that theory, since my wife and I don’t eat the same food…and my son had a minor variant of this 3 days ago.

And my son eats the same food as I do…yes, my wifes diet sucks…but it’s better than it used to be when I lived on a high-carb/high-fat diet.


I feel your pain. I too just had that happen to me, I was just going to start a MAG-10 cycle then came down with the same thing it was horrible. I am sure that a lot of it was water weight but hopefully you didn’t lose too much muscle mass but hope you feel better.


I let myself get dehydrated on Sunday, passed out and busted my head open. Thr resulting concussion has left me with non-stop nausea and vomitting. I’ve lost somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds. It has to be mostly water, but there’s probably a few pounds of muscle in there. I’ve seen it written on here before, vomitting is one of the most catabolic things you can do. Glad you’re feeling better though. Now hit that iron, and those solid meals for me.

The same hit me the evening of Christmas Day! I feel your pain…

I had explosive vomit and could not eat anything for 3 days. It took a whole week to feel back to normal. It’s the nastiest flue bug I’ve had in 15 years, and it has been going around! If you guys haven’t had it, hope that you don’t!

Sounds like the Winter Vomiting Bug. Although I think in the US, it’s more commonly known as the Norwalk Virus. It always seems to hit at some time during the night and is very contagious. Luckily, it normally only lasts twenty four hours but your system is very delicate for a good three or four days after. You’ll put the weight back on in no time at all - mostly water weight lost. Ease yourself back into training and food.

I’m voting mostly water weight via dehydration and use of glycogen stores.

Personally a few big meals will have me add five pounds whereas light eating will have me lose three or four pounds.

Don’t stress about the quick weight swing, you should be able to bounce back quickly once you feel better.

Sorry to hear about it. Espescially since I am dealing with an awful sore throat/reperatory infection. Let me know what you think about Friday… I am thinking that rest might be the best work out, we were hittin it pretty hard. By the way I think I found all the weight you lost. I have gained 10 since last week.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I think that kefu was right…the Norwalk virus sounds about right. Here
's some info on it.

Basically, if I were to do an analisys of the source, it’d be from my sons poop. With my wife and I changing his diapers, it’s easy to see how we got it, and my daughter didn’t.

My nephews/nieces had it last week, and we did spend allot of time together over the holidays…and they live close-by.

All I can do now is eat and sleep…I am planning on hitting the gym on Friday, starting up week1 of TBT on a cutting cycle (ironically).

Take care.

Senior at RIT in Biotech program. Just went over a huge part of Staphlococci. Staph itself will not give you food poisoning, but the toxins that it produces are usually found in creamy dishes, dairy dishes, and anything salty such as ham or other corned beaf etc.

The symptoms are 24 hours of shitting and puking your brains out, followed by chills and fever/cold like signs.

Within 4 to 12 hours after the initial 24 hours of puking/shitting are over, you will recover and the toxins will have passed.

Staph toxin accounts for ROUGHLY 85 percent of puking/shitting.

Good thing is that there is absolutely no permament damage and it is not your fault.

“I cooked the ham for 2 hours at above boiling”

Doesn’t matter. Staph toxins which are found in food which cause food poising can withstand THREE HOURS of boiling before it breaks down. People who have open sores, or do not follow proper cleaning techniques cause the spread and sadly innocent people usually get infected.

So, that is most likely why most of you who said “i shit and puked myself” were doing so.

I found it neat, maybe you do, or maybe you’re not a Bio nerd like me.


Update: 5lbs are back at the end of the day…but I’m still feeling parched…I guess I need to keep drinking

make sure to take vitamins and minerals, as well as the anti oxidents and virus killers like coconut oil and olive leaf extract. coming off the MAG-10 would definitely cause some water loss because of the drop in the level of androgens and muscle glycogen. i don’t know if taking an anti-diarrhea medicine would be ideal or not if you still have those symptoms. laters pk

Thanks pk!

I did managed to get back a few pounds but I am still down with a net loss of ~8-10lbs.

Olive leaf extract has been taken (thanks for reminding me I had them in my desk).