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ahh gnc

so i just got back from buying 8 lbs of protein from the local gnc and the clerk saw me eyeing the mag-10 bottles and asks me if i’ve done any “real” steroids. i gave him a dumb look and said no with a chuckle, then he says he was getting some sust and could get me anything i wanted.

after trying to figure out if he was serious, i said “well i was thinking of getting some fina pellets and doing a finasol cycle sometime in the next year” and he gave me a dumb look. “fina?” he said, then i said “tren.” he laughed and said thats shit and he’d recommend deca for a beginner like me. thats when the bullshit detector went off and while i don’t know much about roids, i know deca sucks. it was right at this time that the manager came back from lunch and the kid just gets a card, writes his name and number on it and hands it to me saying “if you ever need anything gimme a call.”

i just thought it was funny that a store which bans ephedra and andros long before the FDA does offered me some AAS.

you should have pissed on his tire! what a jack ass.

Wow, maybe you should have asked for some other “supplements”. He might have had something you could inhale that will take you to new heights. haha

Never turn down a good source.

Since when did GNC start carrying Mag-10? I’m in MN and haven’t seen Biotest products in more than just one store, and even that was very limited.

they just started carrying some biotest supps (mag10 hotrox tribex) within the past couple months and apparently hire dipshits to sell it. i recognized the kid so i looked in my old highschool yearbook, he was 2 years younger than me (17). hes also short and has only a very slight build so he has no business playing with roids.


This is my first post here but I have to chime in… I work at a GNC in beatiful Tucson, AZ. I started carrying Biotest stuff (Hott-Roxx, MAG-10, Tribex)about a week after Halloween. You are right that most GNC clerks are idiots, but some(myself included of course) are pretty well informed. I must say I have to been asked by some pre-pubescent little bitches if GNC sells fina or deca at least 15 times in the past year. At least 3 or 4 more times by 30-year old guys. I just quietly remind them that Nogales is about an hour away…
Of course, I pitch Biotest products every chance I get. And send them to this way.
If anyone is in Tucson, come see me. I get good commission on Hott-Roxx.


no i don’t think all gnc clerks are idiots, in fact i usually spend a good 20-30 minutes bullshitting with the gnc manager up at school talking about our experiences with different supps, i just thought it was funny/stupid that some 17-18 yr old who i’ve never met before offers to hook me up with illegal gear. last summer i even applied for a job at one but the manager told me the training program was too long for me to just be hired for the summer, so i have no doubt most have decent knowledge of what they sell.

GNC will no longer be carrying any prohormones as of March. The corporate stores generally do not carry much, if any, Biotest products. The franchises like the one I worked for usually carry more Biotest.