Ah! Too Many Articles on Getting Bigger and Stronger

So confused now with so many different opinions and methods on this site. Information overload. Need to stop reading. haha

Just pick the one that looks like you and do it…

All this means is that there are a TON of ways to succeed. Why is this a bad thing? It is damn near impossible to fail, as long as you push yourself, remain consistent and do it for a long time. Most people who fail miss out on 1 of those 3 things.


It breeds an environment where someone is going to claim superiority over the other methods. Then the asshattery begins lol

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And because of the claimed superiority in every single article, it breeds lifting ADD - jumping to a new program every time a new article comes out extolling its virtues.

Pick one that meets your goals, try it out for a few months. If you like it, stick with it for a while. If you don’t pick a new one and try again.

Man, if these people can’t deal with claims of superiority without succumbing to lifting ADD, how do they manage to pick a religion?


Someone should write more articles on getting smaller and weaker.

Here’s one …Become a vegan. The End.


My pappy did 5/3/1, as did his pappy before him. We’re a 10th generation 5/3/1 family.


Information Overload

One of the primary causes of confusion is a lack of knowledge on training; being a novice or intermediate and not knowing enough to distinguish between well informed individual and those who blend fact with fiction.

“The Best”

This is a trite phrase. Ironically, many article on this site utilize this phrase in the title on this site.

Rarely is anything “The Best”. If it were, everything else would be obsolete.

A better term for a training program/method would be that it is “One of The Best”; meaning there are others that will be just as effective.

As T3hPwnisher noted, there a multitude of methods that are effective.


A secondary issue with novice and intermediate lifters pertains to what boatguy’s post.

Jumping from one program to another when you is is proclaimed to be “The Best” (superior).

As he recommends, pick one and “try it out for a few months” to see how it works.

Jumping from one program to another is driven by the by a lack of knowledge and the fear that you missing out on “The Best”.

“No one every got dumbber by reading a book (doing research)”. Alwyn Cosgrove

I realize your joking that you should stop reading.

However, two of the keys to eliminating confusion and information overload is…

  1. Research: Read more research on training.

  2. Practical Application: This take us back to boatguy’s “Try it out for a few months”. Nothing beats learning more than personally experimentation.

As per Einstein…

“Research is what I am doing when I don’t know what I am doing.”

Kenny Croxdale


My general theory is that all the advice on this site worked for the person who posted it, but because we are different ages, having different body types, different amounts of time we can dedicate to lifting, etc, we have to experiment to see what works for us individuals.




Well, if you don’t understand what you’ve read, you end up without opinions of your own and simply parroting information, or in Cosgroves’s case, plagerizing it verbatim.


Should Lyle be mad or flattered?

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I would be more shocked than anything else if I were him since his work was copied word for word. The plagiarizer would have to be either incredibly lazy or dumb.

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For some reason I had the thought that Jim’s beard chuckled when this was typed.

Alwin Cosgrove?

Didn’t he plagiarize like his entire career off of a couple of Ian Kings books?

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A little information is a dangerous thing.

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An Einstein quote in a lifting forum! HA! I love it!

He’ll be shocked as well, we all know he struggled with gravity.

I’ll see myself out