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AGVT Questions


I am considering starting Advanced German Volume Training but I have some questions. First off, is this a good program for an intermediate lifter (which I consider myself)? I'm 5'10, and weight 155. I can bench around 200 pounds, have a pretty strong back, and upper body as a whole. My lower body is lacking a little bit.

2nd- i am planning on starting this tomorrow. the only question is have is about the changing of rep schemes and weight. i don't get workout 1, workout 2?
workout 1 says 10x5. so i know you do that for the workouts during the frist 10 days, then go to "workout 2" on day 11, which is 10x4. so do you do that for the rest of the workouts over the next 10 days on all the excercises you are supposed to do 10 sets on? like on day 2 would you do 10x4 for squats and leg curls? and on day 4 would you do 10x4 on incline curls and close grip bench presses and the same thing on the rest of excercises until you have to move to workout 3? or is it just that the first day in each "workout cycle" that you do the change in reps? Just wanted to make sure I do everything right.

3rdly- For chinups, how do I increase the weight, if the answer to question 2 is what i think it is. It says to start off at a weight you do can do 10 times for the first workout. I do can 10 chinups. So after week 1, (if question number 2 is what I think it is) then I am supposed to increase the weight 6-7%. Since I way 155, and 6% is 9.3 pounds, would adding a 10 pound dumbell to a weight belt or something be the right thing to do?

Also what about 30-degree Incline Barbell Presses? I guess I could take an adjustable incline bench and use a squat rack for doing this, but how do I figure out what 30 degrees is for adjusting it?

And lastly- Could I substitute Shoulder Presses for 30 degree incline presses and/or flat bench for incline bench?


In your case, I don't think German High Volume Training would be a good idea if you're trying to get bigger and stronger. People tend to lean towards German High Volume Training to lose weight while maintaining strength.

And if your lowerbody is lacking, you definately want to fix that because it can lead to poor form on all your compound lifts. Not to mention having weak legs and lower back.


question #1-- AGVT is for mass gaining, period. Body Comp is for fat loss.

question #2-- each bodypart has two exercise schemes and three set/rep schemes. If you want to think of it this way, you do sessions "A" and "B" for each bodypart with 10x5. Then do sessions "A" and "B" with 10x4. Then do sessions "A" and "B" with 10x3.

question #3-- yes, a 10-pound dbell would be correct.

question #4-- don't get too anal about teh angle. Adjust the bench about one-third of the way up from flat. That's about 30 degrees.

Question #5-- curiously, I have read quite a few times (and have experienced it myself) that overhead pressing doesn't do very well with GVT. Stick with the bench pressing variants.

I have a feeling that I've done more harm than good with my answer to question 2. But I hope I've given you some good answers.


AGVT is a good program to add lean mass. Have fun.


my form is fine. my legs just are lacking a tad due to injuries playing basketball that prevented me from doing leg excercises.


is there any excercise i could do instead of 30 degree incline presses?


I've reread your original post but still cannot figure out why you are wanting to exclude the 30-degree bench press. My guess is that you only have access to a bench without uprights.


If you have an adjustable incline bench you can do 30 degree presses. You don't have to get out a protractor just estimate a little more than halfway between flat and 45.


the benches at my gym aren't adjustable.


one more question. can i substitute One-Arm Arc Dumbbell Rows with regular dumbell rows?


Anything involving multiple sets of 3 reps is a good idea for someone who's 5'10", 155.

Poliquins low rep AGVT is great, similar to a Waterbury routine...but I'd stay away from the standard 10 rep GVT if you're looking for mass.


Ah HAH! I wasn't completely wrong with my original post. However, I looked at CP's AGHVT and it seems as though it's not considered to be as I've read it described before. I'm more familiar with the 10x10 GHVT. So completely disregard my post =D.


im about to hit the gym. im gonna do regular dumbell rows instead of the arced ones. that's okay right?