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I understand that fat can raise agression or so i believe, so if this is true, what types of fats/foods can one eat to boost agression?

or any supplements?


I have never read anything that would lead me to believe that consuming fats would lead someone to aggression. Where did you hear of this?

Raising testosterone levels will have an impact on your natural tendency toward aggression. What I mean to say is that if you were never aggressive then I don’t believe that anything will change that.

But, if you were aggressive and because of the lowering of your testosterone you became less aggressive. Then it stands to reason that if you once again raised those levels your natural aggression would return.

Keep in mind I offer no scientific proof! This is just one person spouting off their opinion.

I’d also imagine supplements like caffeine and/or ephedra would tend to make one more energetic, and that extra energy could be used towards aggression.

TA at 100mgs per day.

I can vouch for ephedra/caffiene aiding in fueling some already present aggression. I sure can punch a lot more and faster. :wink:

How would fat raise aggression?

Low T is associated with aggression, and saturated fat raises T.

Ephedrine is perfect for aggression. Get jacked up on that stuff and all you think about it beating the crap out of people. The funny thing about ephedrine right now is you can still buy it if you agree to be entered into a DEA database; try it sometime. Under the “Patriot Act”, a meth lab is terrorism. Meth can be manufactured from ephedrine but the feds don’t care if you are buying 22 lbs of the shit or 360 tabs. Its not like the government and the fucking cops are abusing anything. Abuse is good right now because we need to get rid of all this happy horseshit immediately. Manufacturing meth is illegal and should be punished; buying ephedrine isn’t illegal. What’s next? What if you buy THT for your swimming pool and Pine Sol on the same bill? They assume you are going to create a chemical fire.

Just think about the time your mom and I had all that fun when you were away. Agressive yet?

Are you trying to boost aggression? Why?

If you want to go apeshit and smash a barstool over someone’s head, and spin in the air wailing on a guitar like a ninja and karate-kick some doberman pinschers in the balls, just do it and be aggressive. . .you don’t need to drink olive oil first or anything.

The reason i wanna raise agression is i have been lacking agression lately which i feel might be due to over training? Maybe anyway I have a Kickboxing fight next week and I want to KTFO!!!

drink an adrenaline stack by abb. it doesnt have ephedra in it but that shit gets me jacked. i could only imagine what would happen if you added some powerdrive , or 25mg of E to it, or both.

a buck 20 on the freeway and donuts in the gym parking lot are not uncommon while on this product.

just make sure Ron Coleman isnt doing his famous 225 lb “parking lot lunges” first.

DA, pick up your daily carb intake a bit two or three days before the fight. Make sure you lighten up a bit on your training the week before the fight. Also, start playing around with PowerDrive to give you that mental/focus edge. Double-dose it and mix it with club soda.

Let us know how the fight goes!

My Powerdrive arives on Friday :smiley:

Look in the archives for Tim Patterson’s “Behind the Scenes” article in issue #229.