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Agree with My Supps & Plan?

So I’ve been studying this website non stop this week trying to fine a great diet with the appropriate supplements. I need to lose maybe 4-5% body fat, because i have a little extra body fat around my stomach. So im buying Creatine, HOT-ROX Extreme, Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, and Surge Recovery.

In the mornings I usually skip breakfast and I believe the Metabolic Drive shake would be a good idea as a meal. Then 3 hours later I have some fruit, then lunch usually whatever is at the cafeteria: pasta, some meats, salad. Then I usually workout for an hour, then do 1-2 hours of basketball. I feel like the Surge Recovery would be a good idea after the workout. Then usually for dinner I have a chicken sandwich.

Please comment on this. I would take the HOT-ROX and creatine as directed. I am going for that “lean muscle look.” Ultimately i wanna lose body fat but not lose much muscle. Thanks

And btw I am drinking tons of water throughout the day

It’s hard to say what you look like at 6’, 165lbs, but I’d be willing to venture you don’t have enough muscle to achieve that “lean muscle look”.

With that said, skipping breakfast is a bad idea regardless of composition goals.

In the same vein, you might want to really nail down a solid diet prior to adding in a supplement like HOT-ROX.

Good luck with your goals.

6’ 165? Dude, I wouldn’t worry about cutting right now.

Yeah man, i’m 6’3" at about 175 to 180 and have a little fat on my stomach area that i acquired from starting to bulk, but there really isn’t anymore anywhere else.

To me giving up my six pack for the time being to try and add mass is something i have to deal with.

If i were you i would bulk up more before thinking about cutting the fat.

I am 6’1-6’2 207lbs and I think I am a skinny bastard! You need to eat eat eat lift eat eat sleep, rinse and repeat.

I was once told something from a older body builder. You cant widdle anything decent of of a twig. The meaning? Put on some mass and muscle THEN worry about getting that “lean muscle look”