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Read this article from another site, my question is wouldn’t this go against the agonist/antagonists workout theory cause when you read this article it says “This does not fully target blood into any ONE muscle group” it also says to do all of the muscle groups exercises before moving onto another muscle group that would also go against this theory, I’ll shutup and let you read it

"One of the most common mistakes people make is not training their muscle groups in an organized, systematic fashion. Always do every set and every exercise for specific muscle groups together. For example, if your chest routine consists of three sets of bench press, do all three sets, separated by resting periods, and then go on to the next muscle group. Or, if your chest routine consists of two or three different chest exercises, do all of those chest exercises together. Do the Bench Press, then Incline Bench Press, then Flys, for example–until your chest routine is complete. Then you can move on to the next muscle group.

Many people make the mistake of doing a set of Bench Press for their chest, then a set of Biceps Curls, then another set of Bench Press, and then on to another muscle group, and so on. This does not fully target blood into any one muscle group. You are just teasing your chest muscles and then moving on to tease another muscle group without ever targeting enough blood into any muscle group to cause much stimulation for improvement."

Were did u get this article from? Logically, this doesn’t mmake sense at all.

I agree. I find that I get a much better pump when I do one complete bodypart and then move on to the next.

What’s a pump got to do with anything?

That’s ridiculous. Regardless of the “pump,” muscles do not grow based on the amount of blood “targetted into it” whatever it is that means.

Without getting too scientific about it, hypertrophy (muscle growth) occurs as a response to microtrauma (damage) you cause when lifting. You then provide your body with what it needs to repair that damage in order to make said muscle bigger and stronger. Again, that is a very basic description.

My point is, the amount of microtrauma caused will not be significantly greater if you do all of your exercises in a row. I'd like to know exactly where you read that, if you could.

Hope this helps.