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Agmatine & LH Levels on TRT

Hi, I’ve been on TRT for a few years- none of it is new to me. I’m on the typical 200mg per week (cypionate), injecting bi-weekly, and I do HCG. I have no issues with my protocol- lately I’ve been stressed due to external factors, and I read that Agmatine stimulates LH levels, but also helps with anxiety.

I am naturally an anxious person; I have a lot of anxious energy you could say, so I decided to try it. It appears to be working somewhat. I have another blood test coming up in a couple months, but I wanted to run this by you guys and see if anyone has seen their LH levels rise at all if they were on it. I’m not really doing this stuff for the LH rising (although that would be nice), I’m doing it more for the anxiety factor, but I find it interesting it may complement the HCG I’m taking.