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Agility Programs

I’m finding that as I get older and I’m not doing the things I did as a kid. I just plain can’t do them, or they hurt.

For example doing the monkey bars feel like it is ripping my shoulders apart, I don’t know if I could do the crab walk anymore and I’m pretty slow.

I’m wondering if there are any articles out there with basic agility in mind? I’m 28, getting stronger but I still feel like a slug.

I’d like some tumbling (for playing with my niece), some other types of drills and maybe some things to help improve flexability.


There is a wealth of information on this site regarding ways to increase your felxibility and mobility. If you look on the left column of the T-Nation page and scroll down to the blue box for article library you can click on it, then go to the bottom and click on “authors” you can look up these articles (listed by author).

John Paul Catanzaro
Stretching for Strengthening Pt. 1 & 2

Mike Robertson
Hardcore Stretching Pt I & II

Mike Robertson and/or Eric Cressey
Get Your Butt in Gear Pt I & II

Feel Better for 10 Bucks

Neanderthal No More

All of these articles cover stretching, active dynamic warm up, strength and or postural imbalances, myofascial release techniques, etc. All of these methods really work and will benefit you whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, athlete in any sport, or you just want to be more mobile.

I would also suggest the book “Core Performance” by Mark Verstagen.

Best of Luck.