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Agility Ladder and Plyo


I have an agility ladder that I'm beginning to play with again. The problem I'm having is figuring out what to do with it as I haven't used one in a few years. There are really like 3 patterns in my head at the momen. Any links to resources pertaining to this?

Same for plyo stuff.....

Maybe I am just retarded but goggle kinda sucks. For looking up this stuff.....


Amswer me damn it


Check out these on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RHVnGwoU1E


icky shuffle, hop scotch, ratchet, single leg forward/lateral/reverse, high knees, two in two out same box lateral



I have one too.
Theres heaps of stuff on youtube. Just search agility ladder. Duh.

But does anybody know how to use one effectively? How many times a week should it be used? Only on a speed day? After weights? Before weights for a warm-up? How many sets should one do? Use it until "failure"?

Count, what do you train for? I have my ladder to improve foot speed and quickness.



Thanks fellas, good stuff.


I'm just throwing it in my training to improve my wrestling skills. Not much speed in the HW division and if I pick up more then I'm golden.

As far as using it...

I'm adding it to mine everyday. I will do 3 different patterns on my conditioning days 2 "therebacks" is all. Ive read that you should limit foot strikes to around 120...