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Agility books/videos

I’d really like to improve my agility/quickness for football and lacrosse. I’ve been doing Renegade Rope training but I want some more insight into other types like speed ladders. Have any of you guys ever purchased a book or video pertaining to this type of training or would you recommend one?

Foot: It looks like “Renegade Training For Football” is out by Coach Davies!

He’s perhaps the best! That’s probably an EXCELLENT place to start. (I JUST received the e-mail).

Coach Davies has a NEW book out for football conditioning. It covers rope, ladders, cones, hurdles…

My first choice would be Coach Davies ‘Renegade Training for Football’. A minor drawback though, currently it is only available in digital format. A second choice would be ‘Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness’ by Santana, Brown, and Ferigno. The illustrations might be a bit hard to follow unless you are somewhat familiar with the drills. But, overall it has 180 drills complete with diagrams, progressions, and sample workouts for various sports including football and lacrosse. Well worth $15.

There is also a book called “Complete Conditioning For Football” that has many illustrations of various rope, cone, bag, and agility drills.

Check out Power-Systems.com. See above post about EZ bar weights. Best of Luck.

Charliefrancis.com has a forum thread specifically devoted to speed/agility for football.