Agile 8 for Tight Hips?

I have tight ass hips. Would doing this really help to loosen up for the squat and deadlift?

When i squat i feel my hips are tight as hell. When i sumo deadlift same thing tight as hell. Has anybody had success using this before workouts and it actually loosing you up?

Yes x100

Yes. Joe put out limber 11 in the last year I think which is an improvement. check it out

Yeah, also have a look at what Kelly Starrett has on YouTube concerning squat warm-ups. A lot of useful hip joint mobilizations there.

Thanks guys.

Honestly, I found a great deal of improvement when I just did a fuck-ton of hip hinges (just bending at the hips without letting my butt stick out/sticking the butt out as much as I can while keeping neutral spine) and hip flexor stretches whenever I can.

I didn’t see a whole lot of improvement from doing the agile 8 itself. I think it’s because the hip hinges actually targeted my problem (tight hamstring and glutes), while the agile 8 didn’t really work to remedy the issues I had.

I tried it for the first time today before deadlifting and I really liked it. I felt like it was a lot easier to get my hips down while keeping my back straight while getting into position to deadlift.

Tons of good ideas here…

agile 8 is helpful. i found doing pause squats helped me the most. just sitting around in the hole for 3 secs helped alot.