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Aggressively Trying to Lose Fat


not easy is it
little changes are better than no changes


I would start worrying about THIS before you start worrying about low test.


everything is going pretty well with the progrsm. Except my 3nd time training my biceps and lats i just couldt get them to really “burn”


meltdown training with the “eat anything you want” diet? curious to see. Switching over to fat loss in a bit!


one more thing, that 301 tempo. He states its lowering tha bar 1 second and raising for 3 (3 up 1 down) did he mean that the otherway around? Or is this the legitimate way??


Yep thats correct. Not that big a deal either way the main thing is doing just doing 4 big compound moves back to back


Any update on progress?


I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life. On medication for much of it. I can tell you from personal experience the only way to get rid of it is to decide what you’re anxious about and start fixing it little bit at a time. I can tell you from my own struggles with weight earlier in life that you will feel a huge weight off your chest (literally) as you continue to make progress with your weight loss and thus your self-esteem. You can worry about a lot of things in life, big things and little things however the only way to stop worrying is to make those things no longer worth worrying about. Medication didn’t help; it simply made me lethargic and stupid. You sound like a smart guy and I’m sure this is all stuff you already know however, personally, it helped me to have people calling me on this kind of stuff. Best of luck. If you stick with it I promise you won’t regret it. If you don’t I promise you will in 10 or 15 years. Maybe changing the focus of your anxiety could help you?