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Aggressively Trying to Lose Fat


Do i need to beg??? with photos
Hi guys! My question is getting ignored EVERYWHERE else so here i go in this !My name is George Apostolopoulos, im 20, 6’4" 250 lbs with something like 32% body fat. Obviously im looking to shrink down drastically! Summer is around the corner! I am no fool, I know it will take dedication, but I lack in the willpower with food and ill shortly describe why in a sec. First off, allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I played football in highschool, and did martial arts of varying styles for 15 years. (No McDojo bull****). I met Elliott Hulse back in 2010 and have tried so hard to follow his Lean Hybrid Muscle but i keep falling off. If you see my photos, you can see i have a nasty over-hang with a nice set of moobs! haha. Wasn’t always like that. When I went to college in Greece for pre-med, dropped down to 225 doing absolutely nothing but eating less and walking. So now let me tell you why I have no will power with food…

In February of 2015 after returning from Greece, I developed a horrible anxiety and panic disorder. Everyday I felt like I couldn’t breathe or get a proper breath (still feel that way sometimes) and i found a good way to subdue the anxiety was to eat… and smoke but i cut that a while ago… hence weight gain! so now, if i dont eat my typical caloric amounts and am sedentary, i get anxiety. I honestly feel liek im constantly looking for the best meal plan/workout system for me. So let me tell you my goals

-Become more flexible (cant really do proper squats because of my tight ass hips… have nasty butt wink)
-aggressively lose fat (note- didnt say weight… fat haha) something like 1-5 lbs a week if possible
-aggressively gain muscle, maybe 1-2 lbs a week if possible again
-increase power output of muscles (both explosive and sustained strength)
-increase endurance
-look sexy lol

so what do you all think of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded? Anything better out there to meet all my goals? Any diets to follow? Currently money is of no object to waste for my health and success. But if I buy something I damn well want it to be the last plan i ever buy, and something I can continuously go back to!!! Please help me I seek guidance! My dream is to become one of those fitness vloggers on youtube who just talks about day to day life and fitness stuff!

I am by no means a beginner btw, just really fat and really weak and really tight.

Also- side note, trying to get into Mensa, any members here? any advice? lol (my intelligence is number #1 in my life first and foremost)


work on this or it will cause problems

there is no best program
find one you like stick with it long enough to see if it works for you[quote=“baltael1995, post:1, topic:215248”]
Elliott Hulse
i have followed his site for awhile some good stuff there
read everything on this site you will learn alot


Quick aside before I reply properly: Greek surnames are so cool!


Hoenstly, if I were you I’d look at your goals:[quote=“baltael1995, post:1, topic:215248”]
-Become more flexible (cant really do proper squats because of my tight ass hips… have nasty butt wink)
-aggressively lose fat (note- didnt say weight… fat haha) something like 1-5 lbs a week if possible
-aggressively gain muscle, maybe 1-2 lbs a week if possible again
-increase power output of muscles (both explosive and sustained strength)
-increase endurance
-look sexy lol

those are pretty much impossible to do at the same time. It’s easier to gain muscle and lose fat if you’re relatively untrained, but you’re not going to lose 5lbs of fat and gain 2lbs of muscle a week.

Becoming more flexible won’t really interfere with things. Find the best bang for your buck mobility exercises (usually hip flexor stretches, piriformis stretches, glute strengthening, core strengthening) that correct your issues and do them a couple of times daily and in your warm up before lifting.

I would prioritise the fat loss thing over gaining muscle. For the sake of having better health and sexier muscles (another goal of yours), getting lean will help with both.

Increased endurance’ll probably just happen because you’ll be doing cardio to get lean. Not too much thought needs to go into this. Move slowly for a long time, and move really fast for a short period of time. That’ll take care of that.

So really, your main focus should be your diet. None of those goals are reachable without making it your number one priority.


Don’t. This is not a tabloid paper.

Read articles and start making changes. Next summer is a better goal.

Good luck


I dont have a timeframe. Im not looking for a 3 month transformation or anything. I just want to get the best results possible and have been seriously considering just bulking up like a motherf*cker and then going on one big cut so i can at least have the muscle underneath there and ready. I just want the best possible results in a reasonable timeframe, 6-12 months hopefully if all goes well! Dieting is a pain, I “anxiety eat” when I get an attack, it sucks.


really want to do this

how does one go ablout doing that^^^? like reps and what not? Im confused on it?


Yeah if ‘money no object’ then do the supp regime from American sniper and train your ass off Velocity diet is another option.

This is also a proven approach…


there is no rep count
he did controlled reps for time
tut = time under tension
from article
"Thirty reps isn’t going to make you big. I wanted to fall somewhere between 12 and 15 reps, because that’s where I grow the fastest. But remember, it’s not about how many reps you do. Just go heavy and bang 'em out."
so if you hit 11 in time
or hit more than 15 in time ,looks like it does not matter much


I i see, thank you for clarifying, i thought he was just doing partial reps or holding it in position! lol!


Thank you all for your imput! going to try that one plan that Dave Tate premised. Hey im fat as at is, a month or 2 of hardcore lifting cant hurt right? lol. As for the velocity plan. Anyone try it? Seriously considering it. But ive read some horrible things about its bad repercussions! But it’s results don’t lie. Idk, and is there a cheaper alternative? I know I said money wasnt an object but i thought we would be speaking 100-300$ not exactly 450$ lol thats a week of work right there! but if it’s worth it then i’m not afraid to drop on it! Lemme know guys!


I i see, thank you for clarifying, i thought he was just doing partial reps or holding it in position

he was

from article
"If the weight felt heavy and I knew there was no way I was going to make it for the full time, I’d start doing static holds, partial reps, or just flex harder at the top for a peak contraction," he says. “You’ve got to do anything to make the time.”

when you push hard sometimes you might not get as many reps or time as you thought
reread article read each paragraph as separate " articles"
it might sound confusing but after a while its really not


Once again thankyou!


So guys. Ive officially decided to start Dave Tate’s little workout tomorrow! For meals, I have turkey breast and broccoli with olive oil set up, spread out 5 meals in one day, with a carb reload set for Saturday. Will post progress photos along the way. Let the games begin!!!


If I were you, identify the problem, address it, fix it, eat lots of protein


well i can tell you right now the problem is my anxiety. I stress eat. If i try to cut calories, I get anxiety. When I say that I mean that I get a feeling like someone’s sitting on my chest, like I cant get a “good breath” as i call it, or a deep breath, and i focus on my breathing which makes it worse, and i turn to foods, usually sugars or starches to alleviate it. No cure for anxiety that I know of, and would greatly like not to be a pill-popper. have gootten much butter since last year. Was at the verge with thoughts of suicide for a while… But thats done with! Now I just get it for no damn reason or when I don’t eat! lololol


i was on 3 different pills for a couple of years sleeping pills for about 10 years hard to stop once you start

diet training = goals
the more your diet is on point the less on point your training can be
the more your diet is off the more on point your training needs to be
you cant out work a really bad diet
get a kettle bell put it in the kitchen
if it is not time to eat and you feel you are having to eat
grab the kettle bell
get pissed
start swinging
till the feeling passes
call it conditioning


Sorry to hear that. If you have to snack stay away from sugary crap. Pretty much anything is better including starches Have cashews and nuts around the house, even cheap packs of chips are ok if it means you dont touch candy donuts etc.

Main thing of course is to really fill yourself up on wholesome food throughout the day. Dont be afraid of getting a lot of good fats eitherespecially as omega 3s are proven to help boost mood. Among other things original Greek yogurt FTW!

Read this and can forget about counting calories(as long as training hard)…


update! first day of eating is done! Did training! Did Dave tate’s program. Wasnt as hard as i thought, muscles arent as sore as i thought and didnt sweat as much as i thought i would, but ill stick with it either way. Maybe need to up weight! Drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water and i can honestly say i have no urges to eat in between meals or cheat! but only day one, super excited for the rest.


one more question guys… does testosterone and libido rise as i lose weight? For a 20 year old i feel mine is… sub par, if you can tell from my curvy love handles and nice set of man boobs


had a bowl of cereal. Damn :frowning: oh well need to keep moving along