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Aggressive1 Lifting and Conditioning

I used to frequent these boards many years ago. Thought I would post occasionally to keep myself accountable. I was a competitive bodybuilder and then a powerlifter. I’ve had many injuries but the most recent was a distal biceps rupture. I had that repaired and have now switched gears back towards more hypertrophy and conditioning training. I did, however, pull 765 sumo a couple weeks ago. It was done with double overhand and straps. Also, I didn’t video it so it didn’t count.

I’ve been cutting the powerlifting flab and circuit training while at the gym.

I’ll post up my training occasionally with some pics so I can track my progress. I spent most of my powerlifting days doing wide stance squats with little to no quad activation. recently I’ve added front squats and weighted walking lunges in. Been making some progress.

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Nice work.

So about that bicep rupture. Had you been pulling with a mixed grip? If so, do you think that’s what contributed to your bicep rupture?

We were talking about this the other day in the training facility. Some folks now have moved to hook grip and just to keep the abuse on the thumb to a minimum, will lift often with overhand grip and straps.

Yep…mixed grip. Supinated hand…if you pull mixed grip and get strong enough, it’s when it’s gonna tear, not if.
I’ve tried hook grip…worked up until about mid 600’s. After thst, have to use straps.

Well welcome back…By chance did you go by a different name. Because you remind me of someone else that was well liked in this neck of the woods. Just asking because you look like him… and the way you describe yourself you sounds allot like him.

I’ve been known to be a MEAThead at times😉


Thanks!! Just checked out your log…you look massive!!! I’m down to 240 now from 290.

Damn. I’ll have to figure something out. My mixed grip shows no sign of weakness at 550lb pulls. At my age and bodyweight I’m not sure I’ll see much past mid 600s so maybe I won’t run into problems.

The damage to the biceps tendon is cummulative. I had no signs that a tear was coming but I’m sure I had many micro tears over the years. It just went one day. Its part of the sport of powerlifting. Most people tear it at some point. Im back to 100% now.

Thanks… yeah Im carrying some meat on my frame but my strength is way down. Been dealing with wear and tear issues on and off . Started with a labrum tear in the left shoulder and its been one thing or another since.
Yeah two summers ago I went on a major conditioning kick myself and dropped a ton of weight in a short order two summers ago.

I hear you…I’ve had a ton of injuries as well. Just gotta roll with them and work your way back up. There’s really no other option.

Mr. Meat welcome back I expect awesome, aggressive videos !

Thank you for the warm welcome!! I’ll try not to disappoint😉

beltless sumo dead- 675x1

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675 deadlift is nice.

Some strong stuff in here, I’ll be following. Nice work!

thanks…I appreciate it.

cool…I appreciate you stopping in.

Outside of the Labrum tear in the shoulder…mine have been Bullshit pulls and soft tissue inflammation which seems to take forever too get over. Been a two step forward two step back kinda crap.

That’s what I’m talking about Meat, pull looked smooth.