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Aggressive PCT While Taking 10mg of Dbol


Hey so I was thinking to take 10 mg of dbol ED in the morning while doing a pct with clomid and nolva! read in afew articles that 10mg of dbol in the morning will block cortisone receptors and minimize catabolic effect during PCT and since the dosage is very low has no effect on HPTA shutdown and you will be able to get normal test levels back. Is this true? or is it not a good idea? also how does it effect enzyme levels?




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I do not think you are experienced or educated enough for bridging..that being said, I personally would opt for more mild anabolics such as tbol and anavar.


Never tried Ghrp-6 nor do I know anyone who has had experience with it. I know alot of people who try clenbuterol during off times but I have heard it may have more adverse long term effects. what do you think? I have access to both ghrp-6 and clen!


yeah I am worried that i am not experienced enough either ( I dunno read my reply above to bushido and see if u have any advice aswell. Thanks


Albuterol is what I use for this. It known for blocking Cortisol from the AR (thats where its AA effects come from). It seems to work really well even at low doses, everyone I train with who uses AAS uses Albuterol during PCT now. Plus it has no effect on HPTA shutdown.


0 scientific evidence for this.


Unfortunately My source does not have access to albuterol !! How does it compare to clen? Would I be ok if i just take clen? infact what if i just don't take anything? after all I am doing short cycles of 2-3 weeks on 4-6 weeks off !! would I be losing alot of mass during this period?


Clen will do the same thing as albuterol


I have tried it and i dont think its as good for retaining gains, it maybe because it increases metabolism so much more, plus it down regulates the receptors a hell of a lot compared to Albuterol. It maybe better for someone trying to lose fat while coming off, I personally am very lean naturally so to me it was a negative effect.


Clen works fine too, most folks don't like clen cuz it gives them the shakes.


thanks I am gonna give clen a try, if i found it effective I shall keep on using it, if not I will try albuterol in my next pct.