Aggressive Night Tremors

Anybody experience abrupt rapid movements (tremors) while sleeping? Two nights ago, I woke up to my right arm hitting the wall or my nightstand pretty hard. I’ve had crazy leg kicks in my sleep as well.

Assume it has to do with training, as it typically occurs in the muscle I recently hit, or have DOMS in.

I learned about this from an episode of House, so I might as well link the House wiki

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It’s the Graboids!!!

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I read it as “Night Terrors.” It sounded like Christopher Walken.

Ironically I thought the same thing, when I wrote it.

When it happened the third time that night, my wife freaked out, I told her I was working on my night moves.

I was hoping someone would say I just need some magnesium and foam rolling, not a possible neurological issue…

I was hoping you’d more draw from it that it’s a pretty normal phenomenon, haha. You said it was happening when you were sleeping, no? That would be a hypnic jerk.

I did, ha. Sarcasm didn’t translate well.

lmao, watched that last night.

what a movie. Kevin Bacon’s finest.

I was top and tailing on a sofa with a girl I knew after a party one night, and we were both woken up by me kicking really violently a couple of millimetres past her head. A couple of inches to the right I’d have broken her nose!

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I get them sometimes when sleeping, but it is usually because I stop breathing due to the sleep apnea. My sister gets these seizure-like twitches and it is really damn freaky. She saw the doctor about it and they said it was nothing.

Happens to me some times. Wife usually tries to wake me up to stop me lol.
I also get pretty bad night sweats sometimes. Not sure if there is any connection between the two.
Human body is just weird.

It’s definitely lupus or scarcoidosis.

Please get the refrence. And sorry for the necro post, haha.

could be Wilson’s