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Aggressive Graston

Has anyone had any negative effects from graston or scraping? I had some work done on the inside of my knee about a month ago. He suspected MCL issues, although no other pt’s I saw suggested it. Anyway, the area on the inner/lower area of my knee is super tender to the touch. I can walk and put weight on it without issue. Has anyone had any lasting difficulties with graston?

So you had an issue with your knee being going in? Graston is just tissue mobilisation IIRC. Even under normal healthy conditions aggressive mobilisation/massage can bruise up your tissues or make them sore. There’s a lot of bony prominences close to the surface around your knee with less muscle bulk to provide cushion so getting your tissues crushed against them is probably gonna hurt

Not sure if specific MCL issues in the acute stage benefit at all from graston. Dunno if going in and mobilising and hammering the shit out of the area in the acute phase of the injury is going to do any good actually it’d probably make you feel worse like you say sore and tender-er

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I agree to the above. From the limited info, I am not sure why graston was suggested at all. I had graston done 5 weeks after pec tendon surgery and it was mainly used to release the scar tissue that was formed around the surgical area and to get blood flow into the area. Bruising for 3-6 days was normal but it got better after each session.