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Aggressive Bulk Cycle Help

Hey First time posting but been long time lurker.

I have done a number of cycles and made some sizeable gains.

Started at 210lbs natural lean and reached a lean 245lbs on my last cycle. Really like to get to 260lbs this cycle and looking to go pretty aggressive.

Currently I am 36yo, 6ft and about 280lbs, have competed for many years. Body fat on the heavier side but kinda in same place I have started all cycles. Want this to a solid bulk and think this will do it. In past haven’t had any real issues with estrogen but have AI on hand if need be. Also have PCT Set

First time really using the Peptides, only have used IGF � 1 LR3 and GH in last cycle and loved it!

All the peptides were recommend and think they will be a great addition to this cycle.

Run all way through cycle unless otherwise noted

PEG MGF Taken on off days at 250mcg per day

Mod GRF 1 29 Taken 3x a day (Once upon waking, 30 to 45 mins before workout, before bed) 100mcg per shot

Ipamorelin Taken 3x a day (Once upon waking, 30 to 45 mins before workout, before bed) 100mcg per shot

IGF 1 LR3 Taken on training days after training 20mcg bi laterally or on off day 40mcg SQ in morning (cycling this 4 weeks on/ 4 weeks off)

GH 4ius in Morning upon waking and 4ius before bed (15 mins after the Mod GRF/Ipamorelin shot)

Already do have the oils and pills I can can get more but like to use what I have if possible.


Dbol: Week 1 to 4 50mg/day
Prop: Week 1 to 16 100/mg (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Sust: Week 1 to 4 250/mg (Mon & Fri)
Week 5 to 12 250/mg (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Week 13 to 16 250/mg (Mon & Fri)
Deca: Week 1 to 12 300/mg (Mon, Wed, Fri)
EQ: Week 13 to 16 250/mg (Mon, Wed, Fri)

fuck me that’s a lot of pinning!

looks decent.

A couple things:

  1. Run an AI. Don’t “keep it on hand” - that has to be by far the stupidest thing ive ever come across in the AAS realm. If you think that gyno is the primary/only side effect of high estrogen, you are sorely mistaken. also, high estrogen is NOT conducive to growth, quite the opposite actually. You want to keep estrogen in its optimal (normal) range. I would recommend letrozole.

  2. I would drop the Eq, and increase either the dose of testosterone or deca.

  3. I would consider getting lean (~10%) bodyfat before beginning this cycle. AAS works far better when you are leaner/more insulin sensitive.

  4. I would run the dbol far longer, at least 8 weeks. assuming you aren’t pounding down the Tylenol or alcohol, you should be fine.

assuming there are no contradictory interactions between your peptide, IGF, and HGH usage, id say everything else looks ok.