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I was wondering before I do a cycle of finasol,what is the aggression level of this stuff? I can’t afford to get to aggressive,for specific reasons(which I can’t mention).Also was wondering if this would be good for a first timer. I have done 2 cycle of androsol,but I don’t think that counts.Any feedback would be appreciated.

Different people have different reactions to such products. However, trenbolone does have a reputation for increasing aggression. If increased aggresion holds potential problems for you, you might want to rethink your decision to use “finasol.” Idealy, you would want your first time to be during a period when such side effects wouldn’t have a huge impact on whatever your reason for concern is. Perhaps, aggression won’t be a problem for you, but you won’t know until you’ve tried the product.

Depends. Do you typically have aggression problems? If you can normally handle your aggressive instincts, a typical fina cycle won’t make you blow your stack. If you are already prone to these type of problems, it will make things worse. Also if you’re depressed it can make you more likely to snap under pressure and say things you’ll regret (or worse).

Incidentally combining it with yohimbine is even more likely to cause attitude problems so beware.

No one I know personally has had a real
problem with it. One in fact got along better
with his girlfriend while on trenbolone, simply
because he was watching himself more than
he normally would. It’s easy enough to compensate for.

I do however get more pissed off in traffic,
and once I did go kind of postal with a really
annoying postal worker who was giving me a
really hard time at the Post Office. Just
an issue of yelling for a few seconds, nothing
that would get me in any legal trouble. I think
the effect overall is much, much, much smaller than
what the difference is in whether you try to
be nice or not, but the impulse to aggression
is nonetheless higher. You don’t have to
act on it though.