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Aggression for Sports


Hello Everyone! New to the site...was recommended by a buddy of mine to join and here I am. My question has to do with aggression:

I play professional soccer in Europe and was once given a pill before a game that completely changed the way I played soccer. It was called Methyltestosterone. I only popped the pill 30 minutes before the game (not during training sessions). Since, I can't seem to find it anywhere what do you guys recommend?

Thank you kindly,



Which team and division?



I have no idea but I do hope you find it and pass that shit around.

Anything to stop all the fucking diving.


Sometimes called oral Testosterone. It’s a 17-alpha-alkylated anabolic steroid. It does increase aggression but it is known to be pretty harsh on the liver. As a steroid it really won’t do much in the way of muscle mass or strength gains. Not something most steroid users would mess with as it doesn’t offer much besides a damaged liver and little to no gains.


i know guys that used it before they fought, as well.

methyltest is pretty hard to find now, but halotestin is similar, and might be worth giving a whirl…

i believe Reed uses Halo in his prep for PLing meets, so maybe he can chime in…

OP, do you have a drug test?


halo for soccer? Seems a bit unneccessary.


[quote]Yogi wrote:
halo for soccer? Seems a bit unneccessary.[/quote]

Hey, it might make soccer more interesting.

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[quote]eatmorefood wrote:

[quote]Yogi wrote:
halo for soccer? Seems a bit unneccessary.[/quote]

Hey, it make it more interesting.

meh, where I come from we have sectarian violence for that


Thanks for your replies…One of you guys mentioned Halo…I’ll do some research on it. Methyltestosterone was not easy on my body…I definitely had to be drinking plenty of water, which I did, but I still had some stomach cramps at times. I agree that is harsh on the body…but it improved my game A LOT! Physically, it took my game to another dimension overnight…and a nice contract. PSantos, to answer your question, I play in Spain. 2x


Forgot to respond to a couple of replies and thanks for some pretty funny answers.

About the diving, I wish we had instant replay…and these premadonas (don’t know if it’s written this way) were given a red card and taken out of the game. It’s embarassing and it’s ruining the game.

One last thing about methyltestosterone that is not talked about much is the focus factor. After the drug kicks in, 30-45 minutes for me, you are on a mission, focused, alert, 2- steps ahead of the next play…and you welcome contact. Thanks so much everyone. Appreciate your help. 2X