Aggression and Pro Soccer

Hello everyone,

I play professional soccer in Europe(sorry can’t give more info) for the last 10 years and I would like to ask you guys for help since you know a lot more about anabolic steroids than I. I would say that 1/4 to 1/2 of the league is on something…I can see the change in their overall look, speed and aggression(specially). We are drug-tested once per year at a certain date(we all know this ahead of time)

I’m about 164lbs(very low body fat), 1.88 meters(6.1???) and I have the metabolism of a hummingbird. At the start of each season I lose about 15 kilos with all the running we have to do. I would like you to recommend a drug(s)for aggression and weight gain.

I’m tired of competing against these players that were once average(not taking anything away from them)and now seem to have an advantage on me(I’m 27 by the way). I would like to equally compete against these guys and have them feel a little of their own medicine. Training for us is done twice per day(morning and afternoon) and we play on Sundays and sometimes during the week, with usually Monday’s off.

I will post the results at a later time. I’ve asked a good buddy of mine and all he said is that some players place a pill under their tongues an hour to 30 minutes before the game(any ideas what that could be?) but didn’t know what.
Thank you in advance to all.

My cousin is a football agent in the UK and he believes that over half the pro soccer in the UK is ‘chemically altered’, by either stimulants or steroids.

The tablet dissolving under the tongue is likely to be amphetamine based, as this is a common method of ingestion. Amphetamines will give you the extra energy and aggression needed on the field, but it comes with very obvious health hazards.

As for taking steroids you need to time everything to make sure that you are clean for the testing. Does the testing occur mid-season?


IMO - I would start by getting your nutritional house in order. If you lose 15 kilos you are probably not eating enough good protien and fat. Read the recent nutrition article:

The Athlete Diet
From North American Diet to Athlete Diet:
Tips for Making the Transition
by Dr. John Berardi

Before doing something that could risk your job it would make sense to maximize regular variables.