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Aggravating Reoccurring Hip Injury

So this is a long story but I’m going to keep it as short as I can,

I am a competitive powerlifter. The last time I was fully healthy was last December. My numbers were roughly 480, 360, 565. In early January I suffered what I thought was a groin(adductor) strain in my left leg. I took 2 weeks off, then spent 3 weeks building back up. It hasn’t bothered me since. But in mid February I felt a weird feeling on my ischeal tuberosity (my sit bone/ right where the hamstring attaches on my left leg) after doing some pause high bar squats. The next day I did some conventional deadlifts and it was hurting pretty bad, and me being an idiot I didn’t stop.

The next week I realized it was hurt and didn’t push it. I took 3 weeks or so off. Since then, every time I try to go above 225 on squat or 315 in deadlift I start to feel it, and it hurts the next day when I bend over. I’ve had an X ray, and an MRI. Neither of which came up with anything. I did 1.5 months of physical therapy and the issue is till there. I’ve had my pelvis realigned a couple times, and I know how to make it stay aligned now. I’ve tried extra stretching, extra rolling, extra ice/heat, and literally anything I can think of. I haven’t made any progress since march when the initial pain went away.

Now every time I try 225 on squats or 315 on deadlifts I feel it the next day and for that reason I am afraid to push it. Powerlifting is my life, and I am lost without it. I am worried my career is jeopardized by this. I am only 21 and I am dealing with a so far undiagnosable high hamstring/hip/ischeal tuberosity injury. I’ve seen a pshyciain, sports therapist, a doctor, and people in physical therapy. No one can diagnose what is wrong with me. It literally only hurts when I put 225 on my back or try to deadlift more than 315. Those are the only times I ever have any feelings of discomfort and the only thing that pisses it off.

Bottom line I am depressed, stressed out of my mind, and pissed at myself for not finding a way to heal this injury up. Weeks of rest didn’t help, extra work didn’t help. I don’t know what else to do. Anyone who has delt with this sort of thing I beg you to provide me with advice. As I said powerlifting is my life and I will do whatever it takes to get back to training. I want it more than anything. Thanks

Perfect world get some ART therapy.
Also watch a bunch of vids on this guys youtube channel. Even if tried foam rolling etc has of millions great tips and tweaks…

Have you looked into FAI? I have similar problems that have sidelined all forms of squatting/deadlifting and HIIT…