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what age do you people think is old enough to start cycling. I am asking because the guys who ask about cycles and give there stats saying there like 19-20, you guys tell them there too young to start. But then a guys a few years older ask about cycling and nothing is said about there age. I am just curious because im cycling and im 23.

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heres the deal. obviously your teen years are way to young. speaking strictly from a hormonal standpoint. the only exception i would make to this is if i were a high school athlete and an extra 20lbs could get me a college scholarship. still i wouldnt recommend it.

believe it or not at 23 your still a baby! most guys in general dont really start maturing emotionally, psychologically, and mentally until they reach about 25.

the other factor is training age. you can be 32 years old and only have trained for 6 weeks. it makes no sense at that point to start juicing simply because you are old enough.

so imo you should be at least 25, with at least 5 years of training under your belt. you should by this time know everything you need to know about training, nutrition, and supplementation. if your 6’ and 170lbs you obviously arent there yet.

once you feel you truly have a grasp on those issues and you are mature enough emotionally you can start researching aas use.

research for another year or so then start planning your first cycle.

and please god research ancillaries as well.

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Well, scientifically, you body has an abundance of free testosterone still floating around at 18-19. It doesn’t really start to taper off until you are in your early 20’s. So yes, I agree with most here that “juicing it” in your teens is kind of premature. Get the most out of your natural production, and more importantly, “mature” your muscles for a few years and THEN juice it. Good luck.

i ran my first cycle at age 28

yeah but he failed to mention hes ran 732 since!

I started weight training at 14 years old, and began peaking at 23-24 and continued to work out natural until 26 before begining to take aas. In my case, I regret not starting to take aas at 23, just because I waisted about 2,1/2 years of training, and spent lots of money on supplements that did not give the results / $ spent.

lol pdog. dont exagerate. its only been 694. seriously though, i only run about 3 cycles a year. they are just big ones.

Started lifting “seriously” at age 14. Did my 1st cycle at age 17 or 18. Only did about 3 or for until I turned 21. Then started regularly and doing about 4 per year until I got married at 24 and was broke. Did not start cycling again until a few years ago. I am 32 now and run 3-4 per year.
I think I started too early and actually stunted my growth potential. I am 6’2" and think I lost out on an inch or two of height. I will tell you this though. You will get THE BEST PUMP you’ve EVER experienced in your whole life on your first cycle.
If you truly feel that you have reached a plateau with your development and strength after 1. Getting the right kind and amount of nutrients 2.Getting enough sleep 3. Training correctly with special care taken to avoid overtraining
then you may want to consider AAS. Just make sure to do your due diligence first beforehand.
Good luck!

seriously though, i only run about 3 cycles a year.

Yeah…they are as follows Jan-April, April-August, August-December. That’s three. He takes New Years Eve and Day off for recovery. Who needs those pesky testicles anyways right?

16 week cycles? No I guess your don’t.

Muslhead, you didn’t stunt your growth… one could argue that you grew faster due to increased IGF 1 levels during your cycle. One could also argue that if you used test, excess estrogen could have caused your growth plates to close somewhat, prematurely. Either way, 17 is too young… I’ll leave it open ended and say early 20’s, depending on your maturity level.

Look, bones develop from a cartilage growth plate, called epiphysial plates, at each end of the bone shaft. These growth plates divide the calcified head of the bone (epiphysis) and the calcified shaft (diaphysis).

The bone lengthens as cartilage is calcified into bone on the diaphysial border, thus lengthening the shaft. At the same time, cartilage continues to grow on the epiphysial border, so the epiphysial plates retain a constant width of cartilage throughout.

Growth ends when the plate eventually calcifies. (Thank you to http://www.brianmac.demon.co.uk/children.htm)

Here is something for all you young guns thinking about juicing:

People thought I was on steroids when I was in highschool. I wasn’t. 15 years and thirty pounds of muscle later people thought for sure I was on steroids – I still wasn’t.

Get your diet and training in order, maximize what you can do naturally, and then carefully consider it.

THX for the info guys. I am with you squatty on the age of 17 being too young. I was and that was my mistake. Hindsight is always 20/20 but if I knew then what I know now I definately would have waited.

I’m 22. Obviously I’m young comparatively speaking. However, I know my shit. I’m the guy that everyone comes to when they have questions, concerns, or need help. Obviously, I do things right and I’m not gonna fuck up. I haven’t seen anyone on this forum say I wasn’t old enough to use. It’s a matter of knowledge.

That’s my 2cc

I’m 19 and have a hard time convincing people that I’m not juicing. I’m 6’1 and fluctuate between 230-240. I plan on juicing around the age of 21 and everything that I’ve heard/read that wasn’t opinionated has led me to believe it is a good age to start.

But I also agree with Merlin that it has a lot to do with knowledge. I know some 16 year old kid who took an 8 week cycle of test and deca. I asked him what doseages he took and he had no idea. Also, he kept no gains from it because of his lack of knowledge. This could just as easily happen to a 30 year old with no knowledge.

Squatty, you are right concerning the epiphyseal plates. Closure of the plates are actually initialized by estrogen binding to ER in the epiphyseal plates. Theoretically you might be able to counteract this by use of nolvadex, or by using steroids that don’t aromatize to estrogen.
If I had known this theory when I was a kid, maybe I would have stacked fina with some GH!

Just fuckin juice!! hahahaa

P-22, et al.

You’re absolutely right in that youngsters could use non-aromatizing steroids. However, I feel it is grossly irresponsible to point this fact out to kids who have no business juicing in the first place because of their age, and in the second place because they haven’t bothered to do their homework.

So if you really do your research, yeah, there are steroids used to actually make children grow, but I would never point a kid in that direction, ever. Besides, not all non-aromatizing steroids are safe for kids.

Besides, chances are the kid is going to be poorly connected, and instead of the Godzillabol he’s supposed to take which is safe he gets Dwarfobol that has been relabled.

I think the enlarged organs issue has been left out of this topic thus far. Please discuss.

mmm, distended belly.