Age You Lose Muscle?

At what age do you naturally start loosing muscle ?
At 50s ? 60s?

Considering your freeweb pictures and stats, I’d say you have absolutely NO muscle to lose. You can only go up from here, assuming you ever do.

Listen, kid…stop wasting time with these worthless questions you keep posting on this site, pick a goal (gain muscle = gaining weight, lose fat =losing some weight, since you can;t build muscle and lose fat for too long, unless you’re gifted).

I’m sorry if I come across as too harsh, but I’m (probably) thrice your age, and do know youre wasting precious youth making up excuses for a lack of progress.
Stay strong, youngblood.

And about your original question, progressive overload and periodization will keep you gaining muscle well into your sixties from what I’ve seen.

[quote]Horazio wrote:
At what age do you naturally start loosing muscle ?
At 50s ? 60s?[/quote]

I don’t know exactly but look up the oldest athletes in Mr. O, and the Natural Ones, that will probably tell you what age you lose muscle if you lift for the rest of your life.

As far as losing muscle in general you know the adage, “Use it or lose it”.

Just relax !
I was just wondering you know , and I’m not making any excuses by the way

The day you stop eating a solid diet and training your butt off consistently no matter how old or young


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