Age to Compete

Ive been wanting to do a bodybuilding contest for a while. Im 19 years old and a freshman in college. My thing is I cant effectively diet down to contest level leanness with my meal plan. Getting lean is fine but not contest lean when the healthiest thing with meat is basically a deli. I was planing to wait till later on in college when i eventually have my own place and can buy my own food.

my question is: when do you feel ready to compete, and what age were you?

I think right now, take advantage of your college meal plan and really try to push to add some serious mass.

I did my first show when I was 21 and, while I was in college, I was able to cook for myself.

So, I think your best bet right now is just loading up on the good stuff they give you on your meal plan and really trying to add some good size at this point and then dieting down when, as you say, you have your own place and are able to cook.