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Age & T-Levels Decreasing


At what age do your T levels start to decrease? I heard it was about 30. I'm quite small age 27 at 166 pounds with 17% body fat (That?s what my electric scales say so not sure how accurate they are). and my goal is about 189 with a low body fat. I have been training for about a year now. Will achieving my goals be a lot harder at my age?


Men reach peak strength in their 30's and beyond.

Get your T-levels checked if you are worried about them. If they are below the normal range, try T-boosters (Alpha Male) or get the doc to give you something. If it's normal, then stop making excuses and work hard to achieve your goals.

I'm 30, and I'm at my strongest and biggest ever. And I continue to make gains nearly every single week.

My friend is 37 and still competes in Olympic weightlifting and places in the top 3 nationally. He's strong as hell and eats like shit compared to me (maybe three decent meals a day). Hard work pays off (genetics can help too).

Get off the excuse wagon and train hard and eat right.


I just turned 30 and there seems to be no slowing down. I'm looking the best and feeling the strongest than I've ever been. WOOHOOO!!!


I needed my cholesterol checked so when doing so I asked for my t-levels to be checked as well. I got my results today and thought I?d post them up

HDL 1.2
LDL 2.1
Ratio 3

T-level is 15.3

I haven't had them officially yet from my doc but because I work in a hospital I managed to get them looked up on the system and read out to me. From what I can find out these results are ok and kind of mid range.