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Age/Size/Gender Taking Fish Oil?


I bought a bottle of fish oil capsules. Both my Mom and I are going to using the same bottle. According to Berardi , its recommended that someone should take 6-10 capsules per day.

So my question is , should both my mom and I be taking the same amount of capsules per day , or should we be taking different amount due to our difference in age/size/gender?

The nutrition facts for our bottle state..

Per capsule

Thank you


From my understanding fish oil benefits any age young or old. Some fish oil products require one to take ridiculous amounts through the day. That's why I like Flameout four capsules per day gives a man the optimum ratio he needs and women can get by with less.



I have a bottle of fish oil, with the same EPA and DHA as you. It supposedly still has 1000mg of total fish oil in it.
I take 9 a day, and I don't feel the effects. Also, I just looked at it's ingredients and they are "Fish, Soy", though it's 99.99% fish oil, should I keep taking it, even though it has Soy in it?


There are no set guidelines for fish oil intake. For most people 3-4 of those generic 1000mg pills a day is sufficient for the benefits it provides. You can always take more, and more is recommended in general for optimal results. As D said, there are no specific age guidelines or restrictions, at least none that are published. It would be like worrying if a two year old took fish oil, but feeding him fish sticks for lunch.

Also- to the last dude- what "effects" are you looking for? And the "soy" ingredient is just part of the capsule coating and not the type of soy you need to be concerned about.