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Age of Aquarius....


What famous people share a special Valentine's Day Birthday with everyone favorite T-guy? Does Dan share any of their special talents?

Drew Bledsoe - athletic talent?? jury is out on this one.
Jimmy Hoffa - no even going there
Meg Tilly - Dan does have a cute voice
Jack Benny - funny, well some say yes
Carl Bernstein - some say he does display some ability here but he needs an editor

For people born on this day..."At times you may shock those around you with your devastatingly clever quips and insightful comments, but you rarely fail to make them think"

Happy Birthday Dan Fouts!!



Oh my God...he let me roll out of bed this morning and go to work without him even saying anything to me....no wonder he was sulking all through breakfast...I feel like such a heel.


Wasn't Jim Kelly also a Valentines baby?


Don't say I never gave you anything....


im new here, but today is my birthday


Oh my God....I thought that was you for a second then....Doh!


Oh Yeah. I started the juice after the Test Fest. Works fast doesn't it?


God forbid. Happy Birthday Danny. I hope you get a lot of meat.


Ha ha ha!

Dan, you love child you!

Happy Birthday you big bearded meat homo!

You can wish me a good one in two days.


Dan, let me do this right. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know you would rather have this....


Or really maybe this....


Real Men Prefer Britt


I'm not famous, but today is also my birthday. I'm 32.


Happy birthday you hippie fag.


Yes we do.


You mean Britt prefers real men, which is why dan will only smell her sweet sweaty body in his dreams. BTW you owe me $20!



I gave you $20 at Shula's remember?


For those who know who he is Kevin Keegan was born today, football (proper football) legend.


Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me?? He rolled out of YOUR bed this morning? No wonder he left my place at 3am, that little weasel...


Happy Birthday Dan!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


(Don't be jealous, Will, you can kiss him when you get home from work.)