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Age Matter?

Farmboy1969 here. Need to know is 35yrs old to old to start. Been in and out of the gym sence I was 14yrs. 6’1/268lbs. They used to call me “LittleArnold” in the gym. Finally got my hands on some stuff and mentally ready to take the ride. Can an old man turn around and live his clildhood dream to have the body that is AWSOME!!! MCD

Of course you can.

You’re pretty f’n big already, dude. Is it muscle? That aside…go for it! I’m 39 and have never used, but am open to it one day and I won’t be concerned with how old I am at such time.


actually, you’re the ideal candidate to use AAS, since you’ve been training for a long time, and are getting to the point where your natuaral test levels are dropping.

just make sure you do your research, and plan a cycle that will meet your goasl…

Thank for the inspration! Need alittle more help than that. Just getting started and want to know all about the tricks of the trade. I have the size just want to bigger and lose the bodyfat. Need some feedback! Thanks once again! MCD

I am new at this. What is AAS? What do u think would be a good plan or stack for me? Will I see a differance with just the couple of them I have gotten ahold of? Would love some info. on this. MCD

Thank U!

age don’t mean a thing. Go for it and don’t look back. The results of that can be addicting.

“Need to know is 35yrs old to old to start?”

GIVE ME A BREAK! You are just a baby, albeit a very large baby.

Thanks Bro!

[quote]praterhaus wrote:
“Need to know is 35yrs old to old to start?”

GIVE ME A BREAK! You are just a baby, albeit a very large baby.[/quote]

Thanks I think! Not really was a pre-me when born. Only weighed 4.5lbs

AAS anabolic androgenic steroids

In fact 35 is a good age to start maybee a little late . I started to juice when i was 27 and i’ve reached 225 at 6.0 and 10%bf. Currently finished my 3rd cycle and weighing now about 245lbs at 7bf . The idea is here to start nice and easy see how your body responds to diffrent things . For a first cycle i would run test enanthate at 250mg/wk for 10 weeks and then at 5th add winny at 50mg eod and continue that untill the end of the cycle. Use HCG and clomid as well as nolvadaex or arimidex to limit estrogen
10 week cycle :
1-10 enanthate 250mg/wk
5-10 winny
1-10 nolvadex 10mg/ed
5-10 Milt thistle 100mg/ed ( liver detox)

My use of HCG is somewhat like this : start 500iu at the second week of the cycle and then take 500iu every 10 days untilll cycle finished.
2 weeks post cycle start clomid. Clomid should look like this :
day 1 300mg
day 2-7 150mg/ed
week 2 100mg/ed
week 3 50mg/ed
week 4 50mg/ed
Before u start your cycle i would recommened goingto a doctor and checking everything out. The reason why i’m telling you this is because i’ve lost a friend because his heart failed !!


I started my first cycle about 7 weeks ago - at age 40.

So for what it’s worth, you are just a punk kid. How can a punk kid be too old?